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by LKO,  2017/09/30

+++ „Present from the heart“ now also on WhatsApp +++ Gala dinner on the Brombach lake +++ Opening of „#those, who do not forget“ exhibition +++ “V-Markt” festival prize draw +++

„Present from the heart“ now also on WhatsApp

Who does not know this situation? Actually, only a small question needs to be answered quickly in order to go on working and to complete a task, which really should be finished at some point eventually. Instead one searches the web and ends up looking at totally different topics, having long forgotten both initial question and time.

To avoid this quite common case, we have prepared a new offer for our Christmas parcel campaign “Present from the heart”. Now you can ask your questions about this campaign via WhatsApp. Our employees will answer them during office hours as soon as possible.

Entirely uncomplicated: send us your questions about “Present from the heart” via WhatsApp. Photo: Christoph Jorda

Whether you want to learn more about the content of the parcels, the nearest collection point or the recipient countries: you find us on WhatsApp, just look for the “Present from the heart” number 0151 718 279 85.

Who would like to inform oneself in detail about “Present from the heart”, can look up all relevant information as always on our campaign homepage www.geschenk-mit-herz.de as well as on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GeschenkMitHerz.

Gala dinner on the Brombach lake

To sail on a water reservoir with classic music and good food while engaging for people in need? Anne Enz, Heike Bergold and Franz Joseph Heuplick agreed that there were certainly worse choices to spend an evening and therefore organised a gala dinner for the good cause on the Brombach lake, in the South of Nuremberg in Germany.

The 4th of November 2017 the pleasure boat “MS Brombachsee” started its cruise on the idyllic lake at 7.00 pm on the “Hafen Ramsberg” pier. On the ship the volunteer organisation team „Helfende Hände“ (helping hands) offered its guests an exclusive programme: after a champagne reception and a welcome with classic music a Mediterranean three-course menu was served; the presenter Alexander Höhn lead the guests through the evening with dancing and musical entertainment. In line with the idea of a benefit gala the profits were donated in equal shares to humedica and the “AWO Sozialstiftung Roth-Schwabach”.

Anyone, who now feels inclined to take part in the cruise of the “MS Brombachsee” on the 4th of November, should hurry up: the number of participants is limited and the tickets are a fair bargain for 60 Euro each. Please feel free to contact the coordinator Franz Joseph Heuplick anytime via info@emm-event.de or on his mobile +49-(0)179 684 6974. We thank for the great engagement of the „Helfende Hände“ and are looking forward to enjoying a wonderful evening with you!

Opening of “#those, who do not forget” exhibition

Together with 15 other aid organisations and the German Foreign Office humedica would like to stand against forgetting the worldwide continuing humanitarian crises and to call upon the United Nations to engage more for the afflicted people. We support the campaign “#those, who do not forget” primarily with a photo exhibition displaying images from our project country Pakistan. At the 3rd humedica Entrepreneurs Day these pictures were presented for the first time to the public.

Fetching water Pakistan-style. One of the 40 pictures of the touring exhibition organised by humedica. Photo: Thomas Grabka

The displayed images were provided by the well-known coverage photographer Thomas Grabka, who had already worked for journals like the Time-Magazine or the “Spiegel” and had already engaged as a volunteer for the work of humedica more than once in the past.

The 40 selected photos show village people of the Sindh region, who are supported by the building of wells, toilets and bathrooms as well as with education and trainings on the topic of hygiene by humedica. The title of the exhibition goes right to the heart of the topic: #nichtvergesser – Die Sache mit dem Wasser “ (#Those, who do not forget” – The Importance of Water).

If you are interested in hosting this impressive touring exhibition, you are welcome to contact our colleague Steffen Richter (s.richter@humedica.org and +49-(0)8341 966148-45). No costs will arise for you. Please visit www.nichtvergesser.de for more details on the campaign.

“V-Markt” festival prize draw

For many years now the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH, more commonly referred to by its brand name „V-Markt“, supports the work of humedica with various activities. In autumn and winter this year the company will organise a prize draw in the course of its traditional “V-Markt” festivals. The official prize draw, which will take place the 4th of December 2017 under legal supervision at the humedica headquarters (Goldstraße 8, 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany), will finally reveal, whose lot has won. Please find here the detailed dates for each “V-Markt” festival:

  • 2:00 pm in Kissing (“V-Markt” festival on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2017)
  • 2:05 pm in Illertissen (“V-Markt” festival on the 6th and 7th of October 2017)
  • 2:10 pm in Landsberg (“V-Markt” festival on the 13th and 14th of October 2017)
  • 2:15 pm in Kaufbeuren (“V-Markt” festival on the 20th and 21st of October 2017)
  • 2:20 pm in Pfronten (“V-Markt” festival on the 10th and 11th of November 2017)
  • 2:25 pm in Memmingen 2 (“V-Markt” festival on the 24th and 25th of November 2017)
  • 2:30 pm in Kaufbeuren (“V-Markt” festival on the 1st and 2nd of November 2017)
  • 2:35 pm in Munich 2 (“V-Markt” festival on the 1st and 2nd of December 2017)

We will notify the lucky winners after the prize draw. We keep our fingers crossed for you!

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