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by LKO,  2017/11/30

+++ Generous V-Markt support continues +++ Customized assistance from Rapunzel Naturkost +++ Secure transport thanks to new air cushion device +++ #socialday and 6.000 Euro for India +++

Generous “V-Markt” support continues

Since 1981 already humedica receives regular support from the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH, better known by its brand V-Markt. The management took the 50th company anniversary as an opportunity to assist humedica even more. Thanks to their numerous activities 30.000 Euro have already been collected in the past months and, without further ado, the general manager Horst Hermann now even doubled this amount to 60.000 Euro.

The 6th of November Hermann presented now the generous donation to the humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß, who thanked him most sincerely: „The long-term support of the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH is really overwhelming. A cordial thank you very much for this outstanding commitment, which enables us to help so many people in need.“

Horst Hermann, Geschäftsführer der V-Märkte hat erneut eine Spende in Höhe von 30.000 Euro an humedica-Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Groß übergeben

Once again, the V-Markt general manager Horst Hermann handed over a donation of 30.000 EUR to the humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß. Photo: humedica

The V-Markt started its fundraising campaign for humedica earlier this year with the raffle „Donate and win“, which succeeded in collecting more than 22.000 Euro by selling donation cards. Info counters and tombolas at several market festivities raised not only important attention for our relief work, but also further 10.000 Euro for suffering people.

In the coming year the cooperation between the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH and humedica will go on: in 2018 all V-Markt cash desks will sell donation cards for five Euro each, which will benefit the relief work of humedica by 100 per cent. Furthermore, the V-Markt continues to accept targeted donations in kind for our supply aid and the Christmas campaign “Gifts from the heart“.

In the name of the beneficiaries we would like to thank all employees of the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH for this really significant commitment.

Customized support from Rapunzel Naturkost

Even so most inhabitants of the Western industrial states know only from hearsay existential worries like the lack of clean drinking water or food, these topics are tragic everyday reality for many people worldwide. While the consumer society throws away many surplus tons of food, one of nine people in the developing countries must go to bed hungry, because not there is not enough to eat.

humedica engages therefore in targeted relief measures in the field of hunger relief and was now able to win a strong new partner for this task: the bio food manufacturer Rapunzel Naturkost from Southern Germany donated 1.250 kilograms of rice-spaghetti for the project work of humedica and thus contributes actively to the fight against hunger.

The first part of this donation is already on its way to Benin, where our partner organisation Ordola e. V. will distribute it to needy people. With several other supply good transports humedica will bring the remaining food to those, who need it most such as indigent people in kindergartens, orphanages, homeless shelters and hospitals.

We would like to thank Rapunzel Naturkost most cordially in the name of all aid recipients and are already looking forward to further co-operations in the future.

Secure transport thanks to new air cushion device

In order to make sure that our many relief supply goods withstand the sometimes long transports to the various humedica project locations without damage, we have to take care of a lot of things: if we transport for example drugs, we have to pay attention to keep the right temperature during the shipping, technical devices have to be packed especially carefully and for furniture we need space-saving solutions.

Kemapack from Landsberg helped us to reduce the future workload for our warehouse staff. The packaging industry company donated a so-called „Mini Pak`r” air cushion device to humedica. The machine allows for the secure packaging of relief goods and for filling the forming voids while reducing weight. Optimally packed, the supply goods thus reach safely and undamaged the needy people in our relief projects.

Dank der Firma Kemapack besitzt das Lager von humedica nun eine neue Luftkissenmaschine für den Versand von Hilfsgütern.

Thanks to the Kemapack company the warehouse of humedica now owns a new air cushion device for the shipment of supply goods. Photo: humedica

The air cushion device donation is not the first time that the Landsberg company supports humedica: already in 2013 our warehouse received a Kemapack pallet unwinder for free, which allows for the easy and quick preparation of whole pallets for shipment.

The humedica team thanks all people responsible at the Kemapack company from its heart.

#socialday and 6.000 Euro for India

In order to attend the Peniel English Higher Primary School, a project supported by humedica, the children in the Indian region Krishnapuram, who live in part in quite remote residences, depend on a school bus, which picks them up in the morning and brings them back securely afterwards. To guarantee this form of reliable transport without complications, the currently used bus must urgently be replaced. With its donation of 6.000 Euro the Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren now made an important contribution to this pressing basic acquisition.

Must be replaced urgently due to its age and size: the humedica school bus of the Peniel English Higher Primary School in India. Photo: humedica

This is not its first support for humedica: also in the past years the Sparkasse assisted humedica time and again with donations and active commitment. Besides the grant for the new school bus this year 20 trainees engaged during the first #socialday of the Sparkasse for the humedica Christmas campaign “Gifts from the heart”.

For two days the apprentices helped to control and sort the many collected parcels and thus assisted the campaign for needy children in South and East Europe. Thank you very much for this great engagement!

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