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by LKO,  2017/05/31

+++ Lohmann & Rauscher donates another twelve tons of aid +++ Corporately doubled: renewed support by the HypoVereinsbank Allgäu +++ Baden Württemberg petitions committee visits humedica in the Kosovo +++ humedica at the foring Symposium in Munich +++ Company support: Messe AG assists humedica at various levels +++

Lohmann & Rauscher donates another twelve tons of aid

The majority of the people are aware of the fact that humedica interventions teams provide worldwide and short-term support after disasters such as earthquakes or typhoons. But many do not know that humedica is also successfully active in the field of supply assistance. Every year the humedica employees send up to 800 tons of supply goods to countries and regions stricken by poverty and shortages and thus make another important contribution to the supply of needy people.

A partner company, which has assisted humedica in this field for many years now, is Lohmann & Rauscher. The internationally operating manufacturer of medicine and hygiene products supports the supply aid since 2008 and has already donated products worth several millions of Euro. Now the company managers once again showed their heart for people in need and offered humedica another 58 palettes of their goods for free.

The various products with a volume of about twelve tons cover both medical consumables such as dressings or plasters and a variety of hygiene articles like nappies or gloves. The receiving countries, for instance Romania, the Niger or Zimbabwe, can use these products in hospitals, children´s homes or dispensaries and are thus able to improve noticeably the lives of people in need.

The regular and comprehensive engagement of Lohmann & Rauscher allows humedica to continue the supply aid pinpoint and as needed. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for this support also in the names of all beneficiaries!

Corporately doubled: Renewed support by the HypoVereinsbank Allgäu

The employees of the HypoVereinsbank Allgäu have made a great contribution to the worldwide humanitarian work of humedica by donating exactly 6.870 Euro. Not for the first time: Thanks to the company´s „Gift Matching Programme“ humedica can now benefit for the sixth time in a row from this generous form of support.

Spende humedica Hypovereinsbank Allgäu Kaufbeuren

Sabrina Walter and Andreas Frey from the HypoVereinsbank Kaufbeuren handed over the donation cheque in person to humedica employee Heinke Rauscher. Photo: humedica

The programme´s arrangement is as simple as it is attractive: the employees had collected donations amounting to 3.435 Euro, which were then doubled by the UniCredit Foundation to 6.870 Euro. This way every contribution counted twice!

Andreas Frey, head of the HypoVereinsbank branch office in Kaufbeuren, handed now over the corresponding cheque to humedica employee Heinke Rauscher. „As we feel deeply connected to the region, it is our wish to take over responsibility here on site. I would also like to thank all colleagues for their great support. Due to our combined engagement we are able to make a contribution to the important work of humanitarian organisations such humedica year after year.“ explains Andreas Frey.

We thank all employees of the HypoVereinsbank Allgäu for their continued great support. If you are also interested to introduce a “Matching Gift Programme” in your company, you are welcome to contact our colleague Heinke Rauscher.

Baden Württemberg petitions committee visits humedica in the Kosovo

Since 18 years now humedica engages in the Kosovar village of Krushe e Vogel by running a children day care centre and organising regular medical care. By the end of May this year a delegation of the Baden Württemberg petitions committee could now in person ensure the smooth running of these relief activities.

The 25th of May, the head of humedica Kosovo Alban Bytyqi received the 23 members of the regional parliament in the children day care centre where he presented the work of humedica and expanded on the particular history of this village. In the Kosovo War Krushe e Vogel was the setting of a massacre, where nearly all men of the village were murdered. With regard to this background humedica aims to assist the surviving relatives of the families with the provision of child and health care.

Afterwards the mayor of the village illustrated how much these experiences mark till date the lives of the people in Krushe e Vogel. The members of the delegation were very impressed by the work of the local team. „This engagement deserves the respect and support of each and everyone of us!“ told the member of the regional parliament Stefanie Seemann in the follow-up to this visit.

humedica at the foring Symposium in Munich

The Forum for International Health, “foring”, informs its members not only online about recent and relevant topics of humanitarian help, but also offers interested practitioners the opportunity to discuss international health subject areas in person during regular symposia. humedica now took part in the recent symposium on the topic of „Humanitarian aid & development cooperation – present trends and new developments for practitioners“ in Munich.

Marcel Garciella and Sandra von der Wippel answered the questions of the symposium visitors at the humedica info counter. Photo: humedica

At a humedica info counter the humedica employee Sandra von der Wippel and the volunteer Marcel Garciella informed the visitors about the worldwide relief work of humedica and the possibilities for medical professionals to take part in emergency and disaster relief interventions. In particular the visitors were interested in short-term interventions for volunteers, who have successfully passed a humedica intervention training.

The symposium programme also offered various expert presentations on topics like “Present challenges in humanitarian help”, “Undernourishment of children” or “Medical health care in times of long-term crises”.

If you are interested to learn more about relief interventions as well as other possibilities for practitioners to engage for humedica, please see here.

Company support: Messe AG assists humedica on various levels

There are also manifold possibilities for companies to support humedica. Whether you opt for a direct donation, a charity event or the voluntary work of employees – for all company sizes and industrial sectors there are respective ways to engage. A company, which assists humedica on various levels, is the Mattfelder & Sänger Marketing und Messe AG from Kempten.

The Allgäu enterprise for regional fair projects assists humedica not only with money and work-time donations, but also organises events for the benefit of humanitarian work. A charity soccer tournament in favour of humedica or a Social Day, when company employees help for one day to check the parcels for the Christmas charity campaign „Present from the heart“, are only two of the eleven activities, the enterprise developed together with humedica.

We are inspired by so much engagement for people in need and are already looking forward to further co-operations in the future. You are welcome to contact us any time, if you would also like to support the work of humedica with your company. We are glad to assist you in finding your individual form of company commitment.

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