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by LKO,  2017/03/23

+++ humedica employees visit major donor Töpfer +++ Lions Club Oberallgäu sets humanitarian sign for International Women´s Day +++ Design with added value: Augsburg university presents shelter nubo +++ Cooperation moves mountains: five years of collaboration between Allgäu Airport and humedica +++

humedica employees visit major donor Töpfer

How does one of our major in-kind supporters of the last years work? What kinds of quality criteria does he have to fulfil? And who are the people, which make the generous support of our aid projects possible? Not long ago a team of humedica staff members set out to visit the Töpfer company at Dietmannsried in the Allgäu in order to find out more and to strengthen the exchange about common topics.

The manufacturer of baby food and care products offered the responsible humedica employees fascinating insights in the production processes of organic products such as baby milk or wheat semolina and demonstrated the key role of quality assurance for the production. Alastair Scott, who is responsible for the field of relief supply at humedica, explained how humedica deals with such donations in kind afterwards, which quality criteria are required for relief good deliveries and how these products finally are distributed to the needy recipients.

humedica employees Alastair Scott, Natascha Gegg, Heinke Rauscher and Hermann Schäffler visiting the Töpfer company. Photo: humedica

For years now the Töpfer company supports the relief work of humedica with generous donations in kind. Most recently with infant formula to be used in various humedica relief projects at birth clinics and hospitals as well as a palette stretch wrapper, which will facilitate the delivery preparation.

„The really generous and, as important, regular donations from Töpfer allow us to provide crucial aid, which makes an important difference in the lives of indigent people.“, said Alastair Scott.

Lions Club Oberallgäu sets humanitarian sign for International Women´s Day

Putting their own profit last, both humedica and the service organisation Lions Club dedicate themselves to the assistance of people, who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. The Lions Club Oberallgäu now complied with these principles and supported the international relief work of humedica with a donation of 1.000 Euro.

In accordance with the Women´s Day on the 8th of March the club members decided to focus on the support of projects for women and expectant mothers. While one half of the donation goes to the humedica mother-child-clinic in the Nigerian town Kollo, the second half benefits family support projects in Ethiopia.

At the regular club meeting in Bad Hindelang the humedica employee Cecilia Homilius presented the sponsors an insight in how these relief projects are implemented on site.

If you are also a service club member and are interested in a presentation of the worldwide relief aid of humedica, please feel free to contact Cecilia Homilius via mail c.homilius@humedica.org or tel. 08341 – 966 148 61. We are looking forward to informing you about our projects.

Design with added value: Augsburg university presents shelter nubo

Last year the Augsburg university and humedica initiated the cooperation project humedica Homebase in order to develop a shelter for team members in crisis regions. Now several students of the faculties for design and architecture had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and present their project at the MCBW Start up Demo Night in Munich to the public.

The four female students presented their model nubo within the Social Design discipline in the course of the Munich Creative Business Week, the biggest German design event for designers and customers. In the middle of disaster areas the tent-like shelter, which unfolds due to an inflatable structure, offers the intervention teams members not only a functional retreat, but also a feeling of comfort and security.

The design draft nubo results from the collaboration of humedica and the Augsburg university. Photo: humedica

When packaged, the temporary home nubo requires little space and adds only scarce weight, it thus helps to save up valuable resources: „Especially in disaster interventions our team members have to work in areas with totally destroyed infrastructures. The model nubo offers an ideal alternative to the classic tent, because it is so lightweight and takes up less luggage volume.“, sums up humedica spokesman Steffen Richter, who initiated the cooperation with the Augsburg university.

Cooperation moves mountains: Five years of collaboration between Allgäu Airport and humedica

Especially when time is on the essence, reliable partners, who know what is needed, count most: for five years now the Allgäu airport Memmingen is such a reliable supporter of humedica. Situated not far from the Kaufbeuren humedica headquarters, the airport has helped humedica on several occasions to provide immediate emergency aid after disasters. But also aside from emergency cases the airport has proved a reliable partner in the past.

The Allgäu airport not only enabled humedica to fly out medical emergency team members to disaster areas at short notice, it also often offered the opportunity to bring straightforwardly relief goods by air from the humedica store to people in need.

But the cooperation does not end here: in the course of the bottle deposit campaign two big bottle containers could be set up in the security area of the airport. Voyagers can now put their empty bottles in these containers and thus donate their bottle deposits to the humedica relief work.

All people involved in this partnership met at the humedica headquarters to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the collaboration, where humedica spokesman Steffen Richter gave a survey of the past cooperation and discussed next steps with all people responsible.

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