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by LKO,  2017/06/29

+++ The heart of the Allgäu support +++ V-Markt and V-Baumarkt Buchloe donate 1.600 Euro to humedica +++ How private joy helps Ethiopian children in need +++

The heart of the Allgäu support

Whether charity tournaments, donation presentations, fairs or concerts: in spring and summer humedica is looking forward to numerous events, which will benefit its worldwide relief work. The many volunteers at the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren provide an indispensable support in our aim to participate in person in as many events as possible.

This June alone about twenty volunteers have represented humedica at 39 events such as the „MIR - Miteinander in der Region“ fair in Kaufbeuren, the RES-Q-EXPO in Fürstenfeldbruck, the charity tournament „Hockey for hope“ or the 24-Hours-Tour of Stefan Bosse, the head mayor of Kaufbeuren. Volunteers answer questions at the humedica information counters and time and again represent humedica also at donation hand-overs or minor presentations.

Ehrenamtliche humedica Helfer Infostand

Also information counters are run by volunteers. Photo: humedica

„Every time we are very happy to hear about campaigns, which benefit our relief work. But without the broad support of our many volunteers it would simply no longer be possible for us to guarantee the personal participation of a humedica representative at each of the numerous events. Therefore we are very glad about the great support our volunteers provide in this respect to the full-time humedica team.“, explains the volunteer coordinator Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche.

If you live in the Allgäu and would like to support humedica in your leisure time as a volunteer, your are welcome to contact Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche by phone 08341-966 148 80 or mail r.bahner-gutsche@humedica.org. We are looking forward to meeting you.

V-Markt and V-Baumarkt Buchloe donate 1.600 Euro to humedica

Once again the V-Markt has engaged for the worldwide humanitarian work of humedica and supported people in need by a donation. At this year´s V-Markt and V-Baumarkt Buchloe spring event a raffle succeeded in collecting 1676,10 Euro in total. This great result was now handed over to humedica in the course of an official donation presentation.

For two days humedica volunteers sold lots to the visitors of the spring event organised by the V-Markt and the V-Baumarkt Buchloe. At a price of one Euro and a guaranteed profit per lot, the visitors bought several hundreds of them each day, sometimes they even gave a voluntary donation on top. The raffle prices consisted of garden tools as well as plants and flowers and were provided by the markets for free.

This was not the first V-Markt engagement for humedica. For 36 years now the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH, which runs the V-Markets, accompanies the humanitarian work of humedica and is therefore one of the most faithful supporters of its worldwide relief work.

The responsible parties of the Buchloe markets did not dedicate the money to a special project in order to allow humedica to use the money, where it is needed most at the moment.

V-Markt humedica Buchloe Tombola

For two days the humedica volunteers sold raffles to the visitors of the spring event at the V-Markt. Photo: humedica

How private joy supports Ethiopian children in need

There are many ways to assist people in need and so it is not always easy to decide whether to opt for a classic donation, to organise a charity event or to provide support in person. The freshly married couple Wagner decided for a very special way to engage, the result of which was handed over to humedica some weeks ago.

They asked the guests of their wedding to forego presents and to make instead a donation for humedica. This resulted in the generous amount of 5.000 Euro, which will benefit the children´s daycare centre of humedica in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. The kindergarten in the district of Kazanchis provides approximately 60 boys and girls with hot meals, learning and leisure-time programmes as well as medical care. There the wedding donation of the Wagner family has surely come to the right place.

If you are also willing to share your private happiness with people, who have fallen on hard times, we are looking forward to meeting you. We will be glad to assist you in planning your wedding, birthday or jubilee donation and to provide you with relevant materials.

In the name of the children in Kazanchis we would like to thank the Wagner family from all our heart and wish them many happy years together!

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