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by Sebastian Zausch,  2017/07/28

+++ Christmas in summertime: “Present from the heart“ ready for take-off +++ Seba-Hydrometrie supports well project in Ethiopia +++ Pulox pulse oximeters for medical interventions +++ Run for humedica +++ humedica raffles at V-Markt festivities +++ Trial lessons in climbing for humedica employees +++

Christmas in summertime: “Present from the heart“ ready for take-off

Even so nobody really likes to think of it in the middle of summer: Christmas already looms at the horizon in the humedica organisation. The “Present from the heart“ campaign preparations are in full swing: the team already designs flyers, prints posters and organises the collecting points. If you have enough room to collect Christmas parcels for needy children in Eastern Europe, which will be picked up by our voluntary drivers in November, you are most welcome to apply as collection point.

You will find further information and the necessary free documents on the "Present from the heart" homepage. Join in and bring a smile on the face of indigent children in our partner project countries! Media partner of “Present from the heart“ is again the Bayerische Rundfunk with its well-loved „Abendschau“ and, for the first time this year, its radio station “Bayern 2”. Also Sternstunden stays our campaign partner, for which we thank cordially.

The children in the "Present from the heart" partner countries are glad about their Christmas parcels. Photo: humedica

Seba-Hydrometrie supports well project in Ethiopia

Water means life. Unlike in Germany, the supply with clean water is by no means a given in many other countries like for instance Ethiopia. If there is no water, hygiene standards suffer, which again causes many diseases. Fountains can help to break this vicious circle. humedica therefore engages to fight the lack of water by installing simple pump systems. Moreover, wells does not only mean clean water and more health for the people, they indirectly also ameliorate educational access: if village girls do not have to walk for hours to far-away water points, they have more time to attend school regularly.

The Seba Hydrometrie company from Kaufbeuren, Germany, works with water. For its business anniversary it collected means for well construction projects in Ethiopia. The donation box, placed in the Kaufbeuren city hall during the official anniversary ceremony, contained 440,10 Euro in the end. The company additionally donated a water level gauge to ease the measurement of the water level in the fountain. Thank you very much for your commitment and the support of our work.

Pulox pulse oximeters for medical interventions

Pulse oximeters measure the patient´s oxygen saturation with a finger clip – completely without pricks or other inconveniences. Just put the finger in the clip and wait for the result. Very handy little devices. The Novidion company now donated five of them to humedica. Novidion distributes medicinal products and decided to support our relief supply deliveries and our medical teams with five Pulox PO200 pulse oximeters as well as 20 skin stapler instruments with skin staple removers and a complete emergency kit. We would like to express our thanks to Novidion for its great first commitment.

humedica employee Edo Lihic is glad about the donation. Photo: humedica

Run for humedica

The pupils of the Kaufbeuren Mariengymnasium ran for humedica and collected 5.400 Euro. Each year the school organises a sponsored run. The runners look for sponsors, who are willing to pay for each run lap a certain amount, which is fixed in advance. The amount always benefits a good cause and is meant to help people in need. This year one part of the collected money benefits the Mariengymnasium partnership with a school in Benin. We would like to express our thanks and are glad about the great commitment of the young runners.

humedica, too, benefits from the revenue of the sponsored run. Photo: private

humedica raffle at V-Markt festivities

Help for people in need is always an asset – for the people, who benefit from the support and for those, who engage themselves. In that sense some people had the chance to win with humedica even three times in a row in the last weeks. The numerous V-Markt summer festivities all over the Kaufbeuren region featured humedica raffles. By buying one lot for a Euro you could win great prizes and at the same time help people in need. Each invested Euro benefits the work of humedica and thus people, who urgently depend on our support.

If you participated in the raffles, you will be informed in early August, whether you have won the main prize of your hometown. The official drawing of the winners will take place the 1st of August 2017 under the supervision of the attorney Thomas Keller. We would like to express our thanks that he acts once again for free. The winners will be notified in written. And if you were not lucky this time: in autumn this year there will be another chance to win with humedica three times in a row.

Trial lessons in climbing for humedica employees

The humedica employees enjoyed the climbing lessons very much. Photo: DAV

In order to bring our support to all over the world, where it is needed, the humedica team in our headquarters has to meet new challenges time and again. Sometimes we do have to make quite an effort to make the impossible come true.

Recently some of the humedica employees made a somehow similar, but in the end totally different effort to meet a new challenge: the Kaufbeuren section of the German Alpine Association has invited the humedica team for trial lessons in their climbing centre. After all, even those, who do good professionally, have to relax sometimes.

After a short introduction our team got a taste of the action. In order to prevent incidents, the coordinator Ulrich Beer and his comrades from the Alpine Association took care to secure our team professionally. We say thank you for a very interesting and exciting evening. We had lots of fun and are now ready to tackle our everyday challenges afresh.

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