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by LKO,  2017/01/30

+++ humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß receives Beninese Order of Merit +++ Wrapping service of V-Market Schongau generates great donation revenue +++ humedica head office welcomes visitor from Sicily +++ „Fröhlicher Treff“ from Memmingen supports relief work with 500 Euro +++

humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß receives Beninese Order of Merit

In 2013 Wolfgang Groß, co-founder and present general manager of humedica, was awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon. Today, nearly four years later on, he has also received the highest award of the West African country Benin.

In January the Beninese government invited Wolfgang Groß as well as the two practitioners Prof. Dr. Heinrich Stiegler und Dr. José-Marie Koussemou, who work as volunteers for humedica, to Cotonou, where he received the Benin Order of Merit for Humanitarian Activities.

At the festive ceremony also both voluntary physicians were honoured with an award for their services to Benin by Dr. Osseni Koubarati, the Grand Master of the order. The former Beninese ambassador S.E. Isidore Bio, who during his mandate at Berlin had visited the German humedica headquarter several times, attended the solemnity.

At the award ceremony Wolfgang Groß expressed his thanks: „I am very honoured to receive this Order of Merit, which I accept with thanks on behalf of our donators. After all, they are the ones, who enable us to take on all the worldwide relief projects like in Benin.”

humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß receives the Benin Order of Merit for Humanitarian Activities. Photo: humedica

Wrapping service of the V-Market Schongau generates great donation revenue

To assist its customers in the frenzied pre-Christmas season, the V-Market Schongau and the associated clothing store Christl’s Modemarkt offered a wrapping service for presents in November and December last year. Their idea to ask their clients for a voluntary donation for each wrapped Christmas gift proved very successful: the wrapping of about 2.000 presents resulted in exactly 1068,11 Euro. This amount was now handed over to the humedica employee Heinke Rauscher.

The store manager Karl Bösch summarised the motivation for their commitment for humedica as follows: „Each year we engage for various regional organisations. As our parent enterprise Kaes supports humedica in the course of the 50th anniversary of the V-Markets, we decided to give also this year´s proceeds of our gift wrapping service to humedica.“

Thus the V-Market Schongau joined the longstanding history of many V-Markets, which this year will reach its peak in the cross-market campaign „Donate & Win“. Throughout 2017 the V-Market Schongau as well as all other V-Markets will sell donation cards worth one Euro. 100 per cent of this Euro go to humedica and, at the same time, allow for the participation in a monthly raffle.

The entire humedica team thanks the V-Market Schongau and is already looking forward to further cooperation in the future.

humedica head office welcomes visitor from Sicily

Since 2011 humedica supports the small Italian society Missione Tre V onlus, which offers important help on site support for refugees, who are stranded in Sicily. Its manager Franceso Iuzzolini now visited the German humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren to discuss present projects and to plan the continuation of the relief work in 2017.

„The goal of our cooperation is to provide people, who stand alone, with all necessities and to give them new hope. In order to reach this aim and to keep the collaboration running as smoothly as before, meeting regularly and in person is not only pleasing, but also necessary.“, explains Carmen Wolf, who accounts for the Italian relief work at humedica.

Besides sewing and computer classes as well as Italian and English courses the „Open House“ of Missione Tre V onlus organises also other activities for refugees such as movie nights or hiking trips. Thus they try to improve the future prospects of the people and to offer them the possibility to forget their sorrows and the dreadful experiences of their flight to Europe for at least some hours.

If you would like to support our engagement in Sicily, we welcome your dedicated donation or sponsorship. Thank you so much for every form of support!

humedica employee Carmen Wolf and Franceso Iuzzolini, manager of Missione Tre V onlus at the humedica headquarters.

„Fröhlicher Treff“ from Memmingen supports relief work with 500 Euro

Seize each good opportunity for a good deed: a great intention, which the „Fröhlicher Treff“ Memmingen has already put into practice. On the occasion of a celebration at Christmas time 85 attendants of the senior citizen´s social club donated more than 400 Euro. The club fund rounded this amount off, so that finally 500 Euro could be handed over to humedica for its relief work.

The „Fröhlicher Treff“ is an established event for senior citizens from Memmingen and its surroundings. Once a month the „Cafe Brommler“ accommodates the motivated attendants. Delicious coffee and cake are offered, songs are sung and poetry in Swabian dialect is recited, but for many guests the nice company alone is reason enough to take part in the event of the „Fröhlicher Treff“.

„We are very glad about this generous donation of the senior citizens from Memmingen“, humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß expressed his thanks. „The longstanding commitment of the voluntary “Fröhlicher Treff” coordinators for their members is remarkable and deserves our greatest respect.“

Wolfgang Groß made use of the opportunity to invite the coordinators to the humedica head quarters. „We are always glad to have guests. It would be great if the senior citizens from Memmingen would visit us to learn more about humedica and its work.“

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