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by LKO,  2017/03/02

+++ Thought ahead: donation for „Present from the heart“ 2017 +++ Primary schoolers collect money for Indian children´s project +++ V-Market Neugablonz customers donate bottle deposit +++ St. Vinzenz hospital trainees in Pfronten organise raffle +++

Thought ahead: donation for „Present from the heart“ 2017

While most of us are looking forward to springtime these days, some of us already think of next winter. Like the private initiative „Christmas Market Köpplegarten“, which donated now part of its income of the last Christmas market to the humedica campaign „Present from the heart“ to sponsor in advance next year´s Christmas presents for children in need. The Baden-Würtemberg group handed over the impressive amount of 3.000 Euro to the humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß, who attended in person the presentation of the donation in Aalen-Ebnat.

One person in particular at the „Christmas Market Köpplegarten“ was responsible that besides five other organisations also humedica received a donation. As a former resident of the humedica hometown Kaufbeuren, the retired teacher Ruth Geh was one of the first supporters of our relief operations coordinated from the Allgäu and therefore proposed humedica as beneficiary.

„I still remember how Ms. Geh engaged together with her pupils of the Kaufbeuren Secondary School in our first relief interventions for instance by enveloping our information letters. I am very glad that we have her still at our side after so many years.“ says Wolfgang Groß at the donation presentation and adds: „All in all, the donation of the “Christmas Market Köpplegarten” went to the right place and will make the eyes of many children shine in the course of the coming Christmas parcel campaign ‚Present from the heart‘.“

The private initiative "Christmas Market Köpplegarten" from Aalen-Ebnat Have has donated the complete revenue of its Christmas Market to charity organisations. Photo: humedica

Primary schoolers collect money for Indian children´s project

Primary schoolers from the tranquil Allgäu support indigent children in India. What may sound a bit far-fetched at first, was made a reality by the boys and girls of the primary school in Pforzen: In the course of a specially organised and dedicated flea market at their school the children collected about 630 Euro. This revenue was now transferred to humedica for a children´s relief project.

Already in December the primary school pupils had organised the flea market, where they had sold and bought their toys with the preliminary to spend no more than 5 Euro. A donation box, put up by the parents of one child in their nursery during Advent season, added another 139 Euro to the total amount of 630 Euro. The children opted to donate for a school in India, which is supported by humedica: the amount will contribute to the acquisition of a new school bus.

This was already the second engagement for the good cause of the Pforzen pupils: also last year the children had organised a flea market and had collected approximately 500 Euro for a new Indian school bus.

V-Market Neugablonz customers donate bottle deposit

Instead of cashing in the voucher of their rendered bottles, many clients of the V-Market Neugablonz opted for another usage and put them into an available donation box. With a great result: 2.710,79 Euro exactly could be collected this way. Now the donation was transferred to humedica.

The motivation for this campaign is clear for the market manager Fritz Neiderwald: „We are glad that our customers supported our deposit donation campaign for the worldwide relief work of humedica. We really appreciate the fast relief interventions of the voluntary medical team members after disasters, which are coordinated in Kaufbeuren“, explains Niederwald.

The present contribution of the V-Market Neugablonz to humedica is not its first one. Also last year the V-Market had handed over approximately 2.400 Euro to humedica, which had been collected thanks to the support of its customers.

The customers of the V-Market Neugablonz donated vouchers worth nearly 2.700 Euro for the support of people in need. humedica employee Heinke Rauscher was glad to accept the contribution in person. Photo: humedica

St. Vinzenz hospital trainees in Pfronten organise a raffle

1.300 sold lottery tickets, a revenue of nearly 3.700 Euro and a management, which topped up to 4.000 Euro: this is the great result of a raffle, which was organised for the good cause by the trainees of the St. Vinzenz hospital in Pfronten. The trainees donated now half of the total proceeds, 2.000 Euro, to humedica, the other beneficiary was the Allgäuer Hilfsfonds.

„We wanted to do something good with the money“ answered Korbinian Gröger when asked why this year´s donation went to both the Allgäuer Hilfsfonds and humedica. We deliberately decided for these two organisations, because both are located in the Allgäu. „We live in the Allgäu and therefore want to engage here on site“, explains Gröger.

The great success of the raffle goes back to the four trainees who invested their heart and soul in the organisation. In advance they had contacted many companies, which had supported the tombola with donations in kind and provided for terrific prizes.

The trainees did not dedicate their donation in order to allow humedica to use the money where it is needed most at the moment. The whole humedica team would like to thank all trainees and employees of the St. Vinzenz hospital for their great commitment.

Great support from the Allgäu: the trainees of the St. Vinzenz hospital in Pfronten donated 2.000 Euro to humedica. Photo: private

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