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by LKO,  2017/12/20

+++ Neuapostolische Kirche Süddeutschland donates 30.000 EUR for Iran +++ Forth Christmas donation from Landsberg +++ C. Hübner GmbH engages once again +++ Rohrleitungsbau Bischof: fourth support in a row +++ Advent concert for the benefit of humedica +++

Neuapostolische Kirche Süddeutschland donates 30.000 EUR for iran

When in November the heavy earthquake in Iran left behind extensive devastation in the Western part of the country, it quickly became obvious that not only medical emergency aid, but also support for the reconstruction efforts would be needed. After sending out two medical teams, humedica is now busy to define, where this aid is needed most and how it can be implemented most efficiently in order to assist the affected people. For this work humedica now received a much appreciated support from the mission of the Neuapostolische Kirche Süddeutschland, which donated 30.000 EUR for the relief intervention in Iran.

„In line with neighbourly love, the Neuapostolische Kirche tries to fulfil its task to support fellow humans, who suffer hardship from natural disasters like the people after the heavy earthquake in Iran. We are therefore glad to be able to support humedica with our donation.“, explains apostle Wolfgang Zenker the motivation for this generous commitment while handing over the donation.

This is not the first donation of the Neuapostolische Kirche Süddeutschland for the benefit of humedica. In 2011, 2014 and 2015 the mission already supported our hunger relief work in Eastern Africa and our relief measures after the heavy earthquake in Nepal.

Thank you so much for supporting us time and again!

humedica-Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Groß freut sich über die großzügige Spende für die Iran-Erdbebenhilfe durch Apostel Wolfgang Zenker.

humedica employee Heinke Rauscher is glad about the generous donation for the Iran earthquake relief intervention by apostle Wolfgang Zenker. Photo: humedica

Fourth Christmas donation from Landsberg

For many people Christmas is not only the time to spend contemplative moments with their own family, but also an opportunity to assist people, who are not so well of. This is also a very important aspect for the Baustoffhandel Rieth company from Landsberg, which now donated 2.000 EUR to humedica.

The owner Carsten Rieth gave humedica employee Heinke Rauscher the symbol check and told her about the motivation for this commitment: „With our budget for Christmas presents we would like to support this year again people, whose extraordinary engagement helps to alleviate suffering and misery all over the world.“

This year the Baustoffhandel Rieth company dedicated its donation to India to assist the humedica supported Peniel English Higher Primary School, whose pupils are in urgent need for a new school bus to bring them safely to school and back home again.

This year humedica received support from Landsberg for the fourth time in a row: since 2014 Baustoffhandel Rieth has donated 6.500 EUR in total. A really great commitment, for which we would like to express our thanks in the name of all beneficiaries.

C. Hübner GmbH engages once again

Another company, which engages every Christmas for people in need, is the C. Hübner GmbH from Marktoberdorf. The enterprise for plastic injection molding and electroplating, situated not far from the Allgäu headquarters of humedica, supported our work in the last years already with generous donations up to 55.000 EUR. In line with the last years the owner Thomas Hübner now handed over 5.000 EUR to the humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß.

„We are very grateful for longstanding and regular donors like the Hübner company, which allow for a basic planning security and enable us to react immediately in cases of emergency."

Wolfgang Groß

If companies, like the C. Hübner GmbH, do not dedicate their donations to a special cause, the funds can be used on the spot there, where they are need most and enable us to alleviate acute suffering.

humedica would like to thank most sincerely for the loyal engagement of Thomas Hübner and his employees.

Thomas Hübner von der C.Hübner GmbH übergab den Scheck an humedica-Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Groß

Thomas Hübner of the C.Hübner GmbH handed over the check to humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß. Photo: humedica

Fourth support in a row from Rohrleitungsbau Bischof

Another company, which engages regularly for the work of humedica by the end of the year, is the RLB Rohrleitungsbau Bischof GmbH from Langerringen. Since 2014 the enterprise supports our work with a generous Christmas donation and also this year the owner Stefan Bischof handed over a donation of 1.500 EUR.

„We sponsor humedica for many years now by conviction, because we know that our support reaches those, who really need it.“

Stefan Bischof

The Christmas donation of the Rohrleitungsbau Bischof started for the first time, when the company decided to forgo Christmas presents for clients and to initiate the custom „Donations instead of gifts“, which is already followed by a growing number of companies today

The humedica team would like to thank for this repeated support and is already looking forward to further co-operations in the future.

Advent concert for the benefit of humedica

For weeks the children and youths of the Städtische Sing- und Musikschule from Mindelheim exercised and planned, before the event took finally place on the 9th of December 2017: the advent concert in the Mindelheim parish church presented an enjoyable varied programme from classic music to Christmas corals and dedicated its revenue to people in need. The great result: a donation of 1.000 EUR for the work of humedica.

„This year again the benefit background gave a deeper meaning to our advent concert. With the money raised by our concert we would like to make a small contribution to the relief work of the humanitarian organization humedica.“, announced the music school head master and coordinator of the concert Helga Knoll-Zettl at the end of the concert.

In the name of all help recipients humedica wishes to express its thanks to the Sing- und Musikschule Mindelheim as well as to all participating children and youths.

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