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by LKO,  2017/04/26

+++ Charity campaign „Donate & Win“ completed +++ Help can be so easy +++ Campaign bags with added value +++ Water reservoir in East Ethiopia refilled +++ More than 30.000 Euro donated for relief work in the Lebanon +++

Charity campaign „Donate & Win“ completed

„Donate & Win“ is a joint campaign of the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH company and humedica offering clients of the supermarket chain “V-Markt” the opportunity to buy charity lots for one Euro each in order to take part in a monthly lottery with great prizes. Now the campaign ended after three months with an astonishing result: exactly 27.839 sold batches amount to a donation sum of 27.839 Euro, which will support the relief projects of humedica.

More than 80 per cent of the donation cards, more precisely 22.326, were finally submitted for the monthly lotteries taking place from January to March and offering 61 prizes. The lucky winners were delighted to receive two motor scooters and two e-bikes as well a television, three tablets and 53 “V-Markt” shopping vouchers.

Attorney Thomas Keller, humedica employee Heinke Rauscher, the lucky fairies Dieter and Waltraud Dumler as well as “V-Markt” spokesman Martin Glöckner ensured the procedural correctness of the prize draw of the „Donate und Win" campaign. Photo: humedica

The donation benefits those humedica projects, which usually receive less support and therefore rely on dedicated funding. Just like the humedica day care centre in the Ethiopian Kazanchis, where children from needy families receive loving care and individual support.

In the name of all aid recipients the whole humedica team would like to thank the Georg Jos. Kaes general management and its employees as well as all customers, who contributed to this important help for people in need by buying donation lots.

Help can be so easy

One of the biggest current disasters needs all the support it can get: the famine at the horn of Africa is threatening the life of 22 millions of people. According to official sources it could become the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945. A fact, which leaves no one indifferent and which causes more and more people to engage themselves also in Germany.

Like the participants of the work group “Eine Welt Buchloe e. V. “, who decided to take action and have already reached great results with a campaign, which is at the same time extremely simple and effective. By placing a humedica donation box well in view of all the visitors of their worldshop they could raise more than 2.300 Euro for hunger relief projects till date. Also in the coming weeks customers can support sustainable and dedicated help for the people in East Africa by donating an amount of their choice.

The responsible members of the work group Eine Welt Buchloe e. V. know from their own experience how effective this simple form of support can be. Over the passed years they have already collected in this way several thousands of Euro for humedica relief projects each year.

Are you also interested in placing a humedica donation box in your shop? Then please contact our colleague Beate Woitassek by tel. 08341 – 966 148 46 or e-mail b.woitassek@humedica.org. We are looking forward to providing you with a ready-to-use donation box.

Campaign bags with added value

Doing something good for oneself while helping people in need? Even so it sounds paradox at first, in the last months customers of the health food store Merk in Kaufbeuren could make it happen by buying pre-packaged charity campaign bags. Filled with best organic products these green bags were not only a healthy and sustainable purchase, but also contributed to dedicated relief work.

The healthy food store owner Gabriele Merk handed over the respectable sum of 8.000 Euro to four regional relief organisations on the 10th of April 2017. The children´s hospice St. Nikolaus, the “Bunte Kreis Allgäu”, the “Allgäuer Hilfsfonds” and humedica benefitted each from a 2.000 Euro donation.

Healthy food store owner Gabriele Merk (on the right) handed over 8.000 Euro to four Allgäu organisations. humedica employee Lina Koch (second from the right) was very glad about the 2.000 Euro donation. Photo: humedica

The healthy food store, which is situated in the humedica home town Kaufbeuren, has already supported several times humedica´s word wide relief work, which would not be possible without such commitment. In the name of all beneficiaries we would like to express our thanks to all people involved including those, who have bought green campaign bags.

We are pleased to assist you with materials, tips and active support, if you are planning to organise a fundraising campaign for the humanitarian work of humedica in your shop or company. Please contact our colleague Heinke Rauscher anytime. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Water reservoir in East Ethiopia refilled

For more than two years now it has not rained in the East of Ethiopia. Also in Jijiga, a humedica project site, the cloudless blue sky is a challenge for the inhabitants, which can not be met without help from outside. The empty water reservoirs are especially problematic for inhabitants, who live outside the town. The so-called “Birkas” usually collect enough water to provide for the local people and their cattle. But due to the lack of rain in some villages these “Birkas” are empty to the last drop.

In the Hodley region humedica could now solve this problem by refilling the empty “Birka”. Road tankers brought about 600 cubic metres of water from the dam 15 km away to the reservoir, which before had been thoroughly cleaned by the villagers. This water delivery ensures the water provision for the next months.

The comprehensive water delivery filled the “Birka”, built by humedica, up to the rim. Photo: humedica

This relief measure exceeds its direct positive effect by entailing further fortunate consequences: as the families now have again easy access to water, the children do not have to fetch any longer the water from the dam, which is a day´s trek away. Therefore they can attend school regularly once again.

Also one year ago humedica could provide 500 families with water by this simple relief measure. If you are interested to read more about how the local humedica helpers ensure a fair water distribution and the intactness of the “Birka”, please see here our detailed report.

More than 30.000 Euro donated for relief work in the Lebanon

In 2015 an adventurous team had initiated the so-called “Allgäu Orient Rally” and had hit the road in the Bavarian Oberstaufen to drive to Jordan. But the participants of the team “Südheide” were not only interested in the adventure, but also in providing humanitarian help. Therefore they had organised a charity campaign for the relief work of humedica before the start of the rally. Today, after three years and a lot of committed work, the campaign ended with an outstanding result: the team raised more than 30.000 Euro, which will benefit the medical care of Syrian refugees in the Lebanon.

This support provides humedica with the opportunity to continue effectively its urgently needed help at the Syrian border. Even so a majority of the costs for the relief intervention is covered by the Foreign Office, humedica generally has to contribute an equity-ratio of about ten per cent. Therefore the effects of the donation raised by the „Südheide“ team are practically increased tenfold.

This relief support sometimes is the only access to medical treatment for the Syrian refugees, who wait for years now for the end of violence in their home country in informal refugee camps under more than basic conditions.

We thank the whole „Südheide“ team and especially its coordinator Christoph Ranze from our heart for this selfless commitment and are already looking forward to our next collaboration.

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