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How flea markets in Germany can bring joy to students in India

by Sebastian Zausch,  2017/08/11

The use of a school bus– many pupils in Germany take it for granted, it is part of their everyday life. If the bus is broken, a spare bus will arrive next day, so there is nothing to worry about. In India this is quite another matter. For many girls a school bus is a prerequisite for even being able go to school in the first place. Even today, educational access for girls still is not a given in the sub-continent.

Near to the South-Indian city Bangalore humedica runs a school with two kindergarten and seven primary school classes. Every morning two school buses pick up the children and bring them home after school. That means not only a safe way to school for the children in the chaotic Indian traffic, but also offers the parents and especially single parents the possibility to go to work in order to provide for their family.

A broken school bus

But both school buses are quite old now and come often apart. Pupils have to push-start one of them each morning. Naturally this can not be a permanent condition, a new school bus must be acquired on the short term.

The students of the primary school in the Ostallgäu village of Pforzen in Germany know, how important it is to have a functioning school bus. That is why they wanted to help: they organised several flea markets to sell a part of their toys and donated the revenue to humedica – a total amount of 1.130 Euro. They had a clear goal in mind: a new bus for the Indian pupils. Those were so glad about the commitment of their peers, they now send drawings to Germany to thank them.

Our humedica officer in charge, Carmen Wolf, presents these drawings in the following video and explains in German, why a school bus is so important for the children in India:

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We depend on your donation to buy another urgently needed school bus. Please join in and participate in this campaign.

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