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Medical intervention team members from India and Sri Lanka trained

by LKO,  2017/04/21

Immediate medical support after disasters is a humedica trademark and not without reason its voluntary medical teams are usually among the first helpers on site in the affected area. After all, when casualties and survivors have to be treated, every second counts. But sometimes the humedica teams from Germany have to take on long journeys in order to reach the disaster region. Now we could take an important step to speed up our support: for the first time we organised a training outside Germany in India to qualify practitioners from Sri Lanka and India for relief interventions in the Asiatic region.

The first internationally orientated training took place on the premises of humedica India not far from the mining town Kolar Gold Fields in the federal state of Karnataka. By the end of March ten highly motivated physicians and other medic professionals arrived there to get trained as voluntary helpers. Among them Dr. Prithiviraj, a dentist with a degree in Primary Health Care, who is in charge of humedica´s most longstanding branch office humedica Lanka for one year now.

The ten highly motivated training attendants from India and Sri Lanka together with their course instructor Klaus Ruhrmann (forth from the left side). Photo: humedica

Supported by humedica employees from the German headquarters the two course instructors Johannes Peter and Klaus Ruhrmann used the four intensive training days to teach the participants all relevant issues needed for the participation in a disaster relief intervention.

The courses covered the basics of humanitarian help, the collaboration with official authorities in intervention countries as well as media communication and last but not least dedicated practical exercises in disaster medicine and other relevant topics, for example how to install mobile clinics or how to deal with unexpected challenges. Like in Germany the training participants from India and Sri Lanka were accommodated in simple tents to render the training conditions as realistic as possible.

The head of humedica India Benjamin Kern, who is responsible to coordinate and refine the relief projects of the branch office for one year now, has contributed mainly to the overall positive conclusion at the end of the week. Together with his supporters he ensured the smooth progress of the training and the best possible provision of all participants and lecturers.

Practical exercises for example in the field of disaster medicine completed the theoretical background of the courses. Photo: humedica

„The successful completion of the first training outside Germany is an important step for us.” tells us humedica general manager and co-founder Wolfgang Groß. As a humedica India board member he has also travelled to Kolar Gold Fields not only to take part in the opening of a humedica clinic, but also to introduce the attendants of the humedica intervention training in person to the structure and history of the organisation.

„Now we are even better positioned to bring support to people in need significantly faster than before. “

Wolfgang Groß, general manager of humedica

Further training of more humedica intervention team members in other parts of the world is already planned: later on this year another training will take place on the premises of humedica Brazil in Nova Friburgo (federal state of Rio de Janeiro) to be able to react faster also in the South-American region if disasters or crises hit. Like in India also in Brazil a humedica branch office is in operation since 1994, which offers ideal conditions to plan and implement intervention trainings.

Of course humedica keeps nevertheless its focus on the intervention training of medical professionals and coordinators in Germany near the Allgäu headquarters. If you are interested to take part in such a training to become a disaster intervention team member, please hurry up: there are only few places left for the intervention trainings in July and October 2017.

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