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Earthquake Mexico: Intervention team on its way

Most severe earthquake since 1985

by Steffen Richter,  2017/09/12

For more than three days it seemed that Mexico had got off lightly despite the massive tremors, as far as you are at all allowed to say so in a cynical relativizing way in the face of presumably more than 90 casualties, hundreds of injured people and thousands of destroyed buildings. Anyway, purely analytical reviews will come to the result that these earthquakes measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale could have had much worse consequences for the people in Mexico. 72 hours after the disaster a call for help directly from the catastrophe area reached humedica.

The regions most affected by the disaster are the federal states Chiapas and Oaxaca situated in the South near the border to Guatemala. The most casualties, the biggest number of injuries and the heaviest destructions are recorded along the coastline.

The humedica-Team during its first intervention day. Photo: humedica/Naomi Vicente

The professional procedure after disasters is to monitor and to assess the situation via various information channels even if the decision whether to start a mission has not been taken yet. These information sources include local partner organisations of humedica located in nearly all disaster-prone regions worldwide.

The urgent call for help of Francisco Peña Orozco, head of the local organisation Prosigue, reached us on the third day after the disaster: "In Juchitan alone we have more than 90 dead and hundreds of injured people. Even so the authorities were able to help in the beginning, now many patients have to be treated at improvised stations on the street, because the hospital has been severely damaged. There is a great need for medicaments and medical care, especially in the surrounding villages.“

After evaluating all available information and possibilities, humedica has decided to follow this call for help and to send out immediately a medical emergency team: the coordinators Rudolf Wasem (Berlin), Naomi Vicente (Berlin) and Susanne Merkel (Landsberg) as well as the practitioner Anja Fröhlich (Hannover) and the theatre nurse Klaus Ruhrmann (Rheda-Wiedenbrück) will fly to Mexico.

humedica stands for sustainable medical emergency interventions after disasters, which generally result in reconstruction projects. After the massive earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal we were able to help about thousand people and would love to support also the afflicted people in Mexico. It was you, who commissioned these projects once and again in the past by your donation. We would like to ask you very kindly to stand again at our side thus becoming a part of the intervention team. Thank you so much.

humedica asks the people in Germany to support the emergency aid in Mexico.

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