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17,5 tons of supply goods for the Yemen

humedica organises relief goods ferry flight - patients in the Yemen depend on fast help

by LKO,  2017/07/24

This Monday humedica sent out a relief flight carrying approximately 17,5 tons of medicaments, infusion sets and solutions on its way to the Yemen. The aid goods are needed for the treatment of cholera patients. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in April this year at least 1.700 persons died of this diarrhoeal disease in the country, which is torn apart by civil wars.

The free ferry flight brings the supply goods to the near-by Djibouti, from there they will be flown in to the Yemen by a Unite Nations airlift. Two employees of humedica and the partner organisation World Relief will supervise the transport and hand-over of the relief goods.

The local health care system in the Yemen is severely weakened by the current civil war and the lack of access to clean drinking water, in the last months the number of cholera infections has increased exponentially. According to the World Health Organisation the number of suspected cases has risen to 320.000, more than 1.700 Menschen have already died from the diarrhoeal disease.

„Our relief goods are destined for the fast treatment of cholera patients, who need targeted treatment to balance out their enormous loss of fluids. Thanks to the relief flight and the support of our local partner World Relief we can provide urgently needed help and save the lives of many infected people.”

Wolfgang Groß, co-founder and general manager of humedica

humedica urgently appeals to the people for donations to finance the relief goods worth 65.000 Euro.

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