Charity tournament for the poorest of the poor

“Hockey for hope” supports humedica project in Ethiopia

by Sebastian Zausch,  2017/07/12

Most likely it was one of the last big events in the old Kaufbeuren ice-hockey arena, before it it replaced by a new stadium at the end of 2017. End of June this time-honoured arena at the Berlin Square presented inline-hockey for the good cause. A great event, which also benefitted humedica, because a part of the revenue of „Hockey for hope“ went to our day-care centre in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. There, in the Kazanchi district, humedica takes care of approximately 60 boys and girls from poor families, who are offered hot meals, learning support as well as leisure time activities. Our local team provides also the health care for the children.

humedica volunteers supported the “Hockey for hope” tournament on both days. Photo: humedica

The Kaufbeuren initiative organised the „Hockey for hope“ tournament. The team around coordinator Alexander Uhrle devoted much effort to prepare and promote the event appropriately. They installed a dedicated homepage on the web as well as on Facebook to announce the tournament, which raised accordingly high interest among the sportspeople. Eleven amateur teams registered initially, but because the injury-hit Breisgau Beasts team had to cancel their participation, in the end ten teams from all over the South of Germany competed against each other for two days.

They were supported by active as well as former ice-hockey professionals, which further speeded up the games. The teams used inline-skates and played with either a puck or a ball, a decision up to the teams. The complete tournaments revenues went to good causes. So besides humedica in particular the “Kaufbeuren Stadtjugendring” was happy to receive a major donation.

The Agnes Wyssach School in Kempten had manufactured the trophies in advance as a very special reminder of the charity tournament. The event´s success was also due to the great commitment of the many volunteers. humedica volunteers for example supported the coordinator by selling food and beverages. Last but not least: by defeating the ERC Augsburg Daltons in the final with 3 to 2 the Augsburg Selects team became the tournament´s champion.

humedica would like to thank everybody involved for the generous donation of 1.100 Euro and the exciting event in our hometown!

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