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Humedica´s help for the Philippines

Distribution of food packages


In the last days numerous storms moved across the Philippines and reached a sad climax by a severe typhoon yesterday. A still unknown number of people were injured, only yesterday official figures stated 133 fatalities, all over the country thousands of people lost their homes. Therefore, humedica has now decided to support the relief operations of the local organization PHILRADS, its local longstanding partner for successful humanitarian co-operations.

humedica assists its local partner PHILRADS in distributing food rations to 2.000 families. Photo: PHILRADS

In the Philippines the cyclone season is in full swing, the forecasts after the heavy storms have been correspondingly clear for about ten days now. But in spite of all precautions and warnings yet on the isle of Mindanao alone at least 133 people lost their lives.

„When we heard about the consequences of the storms in the last days, there was no question that we had to help at once.“, explains humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß. „We immediately provided our long-standing partner PHILRADS, with whom we have already collaborated several times after natural disasters in the Philippines, with an emergency aid fund of 50.000 EUR.“

This first budget will help the humedica co-operation partner to provide emergency aid in the form of food packages for initially 2.000 families in the Samar and Biliran region. Further support like sending out a medical team is not planned for the moment, but is never ruled out completely. „We will monitor the further developments also during the public holidays.“, adds Raphael Marcus, head of international emergency and disaster response at humedica.

humedica asks the German population to support this disaster intervention by a dedicated donation in order to enable us to implement further emergency relief measures. Thank you so much.

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