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83.000 „Presents from the heart“ for children in need

humedica, Sternstunden e. V. and the media partners Bayern 3 and the BR „Abendschau“ presented Christmas parcels from Bavaria

by BWO,  2017/01/27

Also this winter´s big Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart“ was a huge success: altogether our helpers could bring 82.916 Christmas parcels on their way to indigent children.

65.935 of these parcels were donated by generous parcel packers from all over Bavaria and brought great joy to children in Eastern European countries such as Romania, Moldavia or the Ukraine. About 3.000 presents were distributed here in Germany and came as a Christmas surprise to children at “Tables” and in refugee homes.

Thanks to Germany-wide donations the humedica helpers could also send additional 16.981 „Presents from the heart“ to far away countries such as Ethiopia, the Lebanon or the Philippines to bring joy to boys and girls in need.

„Only due to the great support from the Bavarian people and our partners it was possible to send out such a notable number of Christmas parcels.“ summarizes one of the campaign leaders at humedica, Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche. „The many busy parcel packers and all the other volunteers from all over Bavaria helped to bring joy to ten thousands of needy children. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for their engagement.“

This year again the radio channel Bayern 3 and Abendschau from the Bavarian Television were media partners of „Present from the heart”. „Sternstunden e. V.“, the charity campaign of the Bavarian Broadcast and a faithful, constant partner of the campaign, took over the parcel transport costs both within Bavaria and to the East European countries.

The next turn of „Present from the heart“ is already waiting in the wings: from 1st March on you can register a parcel collection point for „Present from the heart“ 2017.

Also this Christmas about 83.000 indigent children got a lovingly packed parcel thanks to "Present from the heart". Photo: humedica

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