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2.000 Euro for humedica´s worldwide relief work

Rohrleitungsbau Bischof remains generous supporter

by Steffen Richter,  2017/04/05

Even so humedica has been engaged in various disaster regions worldwide since 1979, the sense of identification and the attachment to its home region Allgäu has never wavered. Correspondingly strong are the organisation´s ties to the Allgäu people, its institutions, establishments as well as companies. This close bond was once more documented by the repeated generous donation of the company “Rohrleitungsbau Bischof” from Langerring.

humedica co-founder and acting general manager Wolfgang Groß feels especially encouraged by such repeated local support: „It is really great and very motivating that not only several hundreds of voluntaries, but also local companies stand firmly by our side. We appreciate very much this longstanding relationship with the “Rohrleitungsbau Bischof” enterprise.“

For many years now the core competences of “Rohrleitungsbau Bischof” lie in the fields of gas, water and district heating. Carola Bischof, the wife of general manager Stefan Bischof, initiated the company´s repeated engagement for humedica, which proves that the management members look far beyond their own enterprise, which is situated near Schwabmünchen.

„We engage out of conviction.“ said Stefan Bischof when handing over the donation to Wolfgang Groß. Also in the past the entrepreneur has repeatedly supported humedica´s work with generous donations.

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