In 2017, humedica will carry out a therapeutic training mission to the Romaniv Boys Orphanage, a home for about 85 handicapped boys and men from five to 34 years.

Aim of the mission is, working alongside the local NGO Wide Awake International, to train the local stuff to care properly for boys and men with severe disabilities. The primary intervention addresses the ongoing trauma, related to insitutionalized life.

There is a need for orthopedics, physiotherapists, psychologists and occupational therapists, as well as dentists, pediatricians, generalists and nutritionists together with all other doctors and nurses who are interested in working with handicaped people. A team can have up to five participants.

Period of time: 4th to 17th June 2017

Costs, incl. flight, accident and foreign health insurance as well as transport, boarding and lodging on-site 600 Euro

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