Southern tribes of KARA


For many years, humedica is supporting endangered people in the Omo area of Ethiopia. In 2017 we will again carry out PHC-missions with mobile clinics among the people of Kara in the southwest of Ethiopia, near the town of Jinka. Currently, humedica is building a health station, which will start operating under our project coordinator in 2017.

There is a need for physicians and nurses for medical teams which, together with local staff, provide PHC for about 3.000 people living in the villages of Duss, Korcho and Labuk. Dentists, gynaecologists and ophtalmologists are also welcome.

The accommodation will be modest; the journey is via flight to Addis Abbeba and from there a two-day drive with an off-road vehicle will take you to the area of mission.

Period of time:

  • 7th to 27th May 2017
  • 1st to 21st October 2017

Costs, including flight, accident and foreign health insurance, visa, as well as transport and lodging on-site: 1.290 Euro

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