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University project: humedica homebase

A home away from home

by BWO,  2016/07/13

Since the beginning of the year students from the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg have worked out innovative concepts for the improvement of the sleeping situation for humedica teams abroad in emergency interventions. The first proto types are very promising.

After the successful completion of a humedica intervention training coordinators or medical professionals can take part in disaster operations. Interne and extern instructors prepare the participants for one week as best as possible for their assignment abroad. But of course in reality the daily routine of a disaster intervention is even more challenging, hardships and dangers can only be calculated to a certain extent. But what can be done to relief the strain of the task forces or to motivate them in the face of disasters? This was the task the students of the Augsburg had to take on.

In cooperation with the university faculties Communication Design and Architecture eight concepts were developed both to optimize the accommodation of the teams and to convey a sense of home at the same time. The immensely creative young product designers had to take into account several fixed requirements: the cost-efficient, mobile housings should offer one person shelter as well as a place to sleep and retreat, they had to be weather-proof and simultaneously easy to transport. The dwelling should optionally support telecommunication in a foreign country and offer the possibility to combine both housing types.

35 students forming eight teams researched, developed and constructed their proto types for three months. The results were now presented in front of lecturers, press and humedica employees and received a lot of praise from all sides for the different approaches. One group developed for example a product called „Polliwog“; a tent serving at the same time as transport means for the own backpack. This proto type integrates an additional 30 l backpack and thereby weighs only four kilos.

Another team designed the barrel-shaped tent „Lars“. If several of these tents are arranged in the form of a round or a line they provide a sense of protected community.

A special appeal held the project „Nubo“. The four female junior designers opted for a particular resource, which is not only available in plenty, but which is also available everywhere: air. They did without heavy rods and complicated set-up and dismantling, which is particularly welcomed after a long day of intervention work. The shape of the “tent” is given. Thanks to the facts that the air chambers are inflated by simply opening a non-return valve and an air-filled thermal mat is already built in, a lot of weight can be saved. The cocoon shape and the largely soundproof interior create a feeling of safety. A window offers free view to the heavens. „The material 'air' and especially the shape of ,Nubo‘ are very innovative and welcoming“, enthusiastically stated Raphael Marcus, humedica Head of Emergency and Disaster Response, after the initial examination.

To develop the ideas and initial designs further, we are now looking for interested parties and supporters from economy. If you would like to learn more, please contact our Corporate Communication officer:

Heinke Rauscher
phone: 0049 (0) 8341 - 966 148 44

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