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Turn D-Mark into practical help for children

humedica fundraising campaign with “Sparkasse Allgäu” and “Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren” started successfully

by BWO,  2016/06/15

Together with the participating saving banks “Allgäu Sparkasse” and “Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren” humedica launched the fundraising campaign „Bring paper to life“. From June 2016 to February 2017 donors can hand in their old D-Mark as well as bank notes of valid foreign currencies at the participating saving banks and thus support children aid projects, humedica runs in Ethiopia, Brasilia, India and Kosovo.

In the selected projects humedica provides medical and social care and supports the education of children from poor families, who by this means get the chance for a better future. Your support will make a difference e.g. in the South of India: in der city of Kolar Gold Fields humedica India runs the English-spoken school Peniel English Higher Primary School. It prepares about 300 pupils comprehensively for their future professional life in order to increase their prospects on the labour market. The major part of the pupils comes from poor families, who live in the surrounding villages. Furthermore, the school works to ensure that also girls can go to school.

According to the Federal Bank of Germany about 12,9 billions of Deutsche Mark are still in circulation. This money still has value. Two D-Mark correspond to approximately one Euro. One Euro, which could provide a hungry child in Ethiopia with two warm meals.

Reason enough for Manfred Hegedüs, chairman of the Sparkasse Allgäu, to support the fundraising campaign: „In the face of misery and suffering money becomes irrelevant and looses its importance. But still, nothing goes without money – on the contrary: while supporting humanitarian work such as it is implemented by humedica, money turns into something beneficial as a means to an end. With this in mind we commit ourselves to turn sleeping DM stocks into good deeds instead of waiting for a collector´s value, which is not anticipated.“

Together with Winfried Nusser, CEO of the “Kaufbeurer Sparkasse”, humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß developed the concept for the donation campaign.

If you would like to take part, please hand in your old D-Mark as well as bank notes of valid foreign currencies at all branches of the “Sparkasse Allgäu” or the “Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren”.

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