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The humedica Cup

What soccer has got to do with international understanding

by LKO,  2016/06/03

It is neither a new nor a surprising phenomenon that soccer enjoys immense popularity worldwide. After all everybody, both amateur and professional, can join in without the need to invest in expensive equipment. Thus it is no surprise that even in comparatively poor African countries there are many soccer enthusiasts. Also in the small West African country Togo, where the game with the leather ball is not only a hobby, but time and again a beacon of hope and a distraction from an otherwise difficult everyday life.

Even so the multi-ethnic state Togo showed a good economic development in recent years, the inhabitants benefit only marginally. Especially the living conditions of the rural population are still very poor, about 70 per cent of all Togolese have to survive by less than two US-Dollar a day.

humedica therefore supports the poor population by means of specific aid supply deliveries in order to improve not only the medical care, but also the daily life of all people. The most recent container from Germany included besides two thousands of mosquito nets several pallets of football jerseys, which provoked huge enthusiasm among their recipients.

In cooperation with the local partner organisation Enfant-Foot-Développement the jersey sets were distributed in the slums of the capital Lomé and in the Sagbiebou community 500 km to the North. There the jersey sets were not simply handed over, but went directly into action in the course of especially organised tournaments, the so-called „humedica Cups“.

In Sagbiebou alone 20 youth teams were equipped with new sports clothes provided by the German first division team FC Bayern München and the foundation stars4kids. The amateur competitions, which lasted two or three days, were a special and funny distraction and achieved fully its aim to strengthen both the team spirit and the peaceful game.

In a multi-national state like Togo, where as many different ethnicities as languages come together, simple measures like organising a football tournament are exactly the ones, which entail positive consequences in the long term. While playing soccer, all participants are on the same level and only team players are able to reach their goals. The following photographs of the humedica Cup in Sagbiebou illustrate that this theory actually works also in real life:

In the name of everybody, who received a football jersey, humedica would like to thank the foundation stars4kids and the FC Bayern München team.
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