That was the 2nd humedica Entrepreneurs Day

Inspiring presentations, engaged participants and important messages

by LKO, 2016/09/28

Planned, prepared and organised for a long time: the 2nd humedica Entrepreneurs Day taking place the 22nd of September 2016 attracted about 100 participants from various industry and services sectors in Germany. Interesting and entertaining presentations turned this day into a huge success.

A special highlight of the event was without doubt the presentation of the former Federal Minister of Finance Dr. Theo Waigel, who had also taken on the patronage of the Entrepreneurs Day together with his wife Dr. Irene Epple-Waigel. Under the heading „Why it pays off to be decent" the “Father of the Euro” talked about the dangers of corruption and their fatal consequences. According to the trained lawyer Waigel in Germany alone fraudulent practices cause damages worth 80 to 200 billion EUR each year. The entrepreneur urgently advised against the vicious circle and the long-time effects of corruption.

The following presentation of Dieter Schmidt, a longstanding intervention team member of humedica and Senior Manager at the Swiss company Endress + Hauser Wetzer, was equally interesting, but set a totally different priority. Schmidt, who among other operations headed aid interventions in the Philippines, Haiti und Iraq, used impressive examples and his own experiences to explain to the audience, what companies can learn from relief interventions of humanitarian organisations like humedica and what they can transfer to their corporate activities. Schmidt brought on many facts to illustrate how mutual trust, diligent preparation and the acceptance of otherness can influence the success of a project.

The following presentation titled „The power of brands“ by the owners of the Kempten brands agency sons, Tobi and Thomas Stricker, also inspired the attendees of the event. The sons team, which stands for successful and always creative brand communication not only in the Allgäu region, supports humedica for many years now. The agency uses its own experiences as a socially committed company to design humedica communications materials for free. Both referees explained vividly, what makes brands strong and highlighted the importance of a good working atmosphere besides other factors.

But the participants of the humedica Entrepreneurs Day did not only have to listen, they also could engage themselves at several round tables discussing various topics with active humedica partners. A representative of the global player Airbus answered questions on the topic of humanitarian logistics and an employee of BayernLB shared his experiences on corporate volunteering and co-operations.

The following get-together and an informal dinner offered the possibility to exchange experiences with other participants of the event and to get to know personally the humedica team. Heinke Rauscher, Corporate Communications Manager at humedica and organiser of the Entrepreneurs Day, summed up on a very positive note: „The high level of our speakers and the great interest of all participants contributed to the success of this day. I would like to thank for the engaging discussions and the interesting input on the presented topics. If everyone took home some new insights about responsible and value-based management, I would be glad.“

humedica thanks the patrons Dr. Theo Waigel and Dr. Irene Epple-Waigel, the speakers Thomas Stricker, Tobi Stricker und Dieter Schmidt, the representatives of humedica´s active partners Gefro, Airbus, BayernLB, Aliud Pharma and the law firm Reinert & Rufer for their voluntary commitment. Thanks also to the many volunteers, who helped to prepare and carry out the Entrepreneurs Day.
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