Strong need for prostheses in Romania

by LKO,  2016/03/22

With approximately 70.000 incidences per year breast cancer is by far the most frequent type of cancer in Germany. 1.500 kilometres further to the southeast in Romania the situation is more or less the same, breast tumors are also here among the most frequent forms of cancer.

Luckily for the patients breast cancer is comparatively well curable and the chances of survival are better than for other forms of cancer. But while in Germany a successfully completed therapy is followed by individual after-care options including a wide range of prostheses, Romanian women, who lost a breast due to cancer, are often left with nothing.

Due to a low income, many patients simply can not afford a fitted prosthesis, which, according to shape and quality, costs 70 to 120 Euro also in Romania. But these women would not only benefit from the cosmetic effect and the corresponding relief of psychosocial strain, they also need it to rehabilitate the orthopedic balance of their bodies. Without a fitted prosthesis they often face chronic shoulder, neck and back pain as well as other postural defects.

The Romanian foundation Alpema, which humedica supports since 1998 on a regular basis with relief goods, engages in local hospitals and is therefore able to confirm the strong need for prostheses. „Again and again affected women ask us for help to procure fitted breast prostheses. Depending on the quality of the prosthesis, every one or two years the women need a new one, which they can not afford in most cases. At present we count more than 80 requests only in Arad, the city where we work. “, explains Florica Albu, head of the foundation.

humedica wants to address this medical need and currently organises the collection and shipment of the required breast prostheses to Romania. „In order to prevent that women, who have just survived their cancer treatment, have yet to face another challenge, we would like to provide them with a fitted prosthesis and thus a part of normal life”, comments Alastair Scott, responsible for supply assistance at humedica, this engagement. „I am positive that with the help of our friends and sponsors, we will be able to provide the lacking prostheses respectively the necessary monetary means.“

If you are planning to support the aid project for Romania with a specific donation in kind, please contact

      Alastair Scott
      Phone: +49 - (0)8341 - 966 148 33

In the name of all recipients we would like to express our thanks for every form of contribution.

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