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humedica refugee aid in Idomeni

Aid expansion strongly needed – Inhumane living conditions

by Steffen Richter,  2016/03/29

In the Greek Idomeni humedica provides medical care with a very flexible mobile ambulance for hundreds of displaced persons and refugees, who are held up on the Macedonian border these days. It is impossible to find the words to describe the situation of about 11.000 people, in particular children and seniors: it is inhumane and not compatible with the constitutional law of any democratic country. Especially the medical aid must be extended while finding as soon as possible a good, humane solution for the affected people.

Since more than three years humedica engages in the recent refugee crisis, supports an expansive project in the Lebanon and the Serbian Presevo as well as two other projects in Sardinia. Even apart from these missions humedica´s experience in refugee aid covers decades of refugee aid. The helpers in the red vests have faced many terrible situations in the course of the years, in all sites mentioned above life is hard, often even barely to manage. But the situation in Idomeni surpasses all earlier known limits and experiences.

„It is a humanitarian imperative not to accept the terrible suffering of the people in Idomeni and not just to push aside respective pictures in the news or our heads“, says Wolfgang Groß, cofounder and managing director of humedica. „We need both a speedy extension of the support and solutions as quickly as possible.“

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Trabert (Mainz, Germany), one of the two surgeons in the six-person team of the humedica mobile ambulance, describes the dramatic situation in his daily report as follows:

„Today we treated again more than 100 patients. The hygienic conditions are disastrous. Many children have infections, pregnant women fear for their unborn babies, men were wounded during police operations on the border. Occasionally aid transports arrive, we see incredible scenes when hopeless and desperate people push and fight for these rations. It is cold and stormy, sometimes tents fly away, children cry and deeply worried men become apathetic...

And then each, actually each patient thanks for our help with a smile. A help, which is a matter of course, and a thank, which deeply shames me. I am ashamed to be a European, I feel ashamed for all the injustice these people have to endure. They need our solidarity, our support, our help and our political commitment to end this form of denial, which accepts consciously the suffering and death of human beings.“

humedica asks the people in Germany for a dedicated donation to continue and to extend the medical care for refugees. Please help now!

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