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humedica extends relief aid in Idomeni

Deteriorating situation for more than 10.000 people

by Steffen Richter,  2016/03/31

In the light of the ever worsening situation in Idomeni humedica decided to extend its medical support. This Thursday afternoon a five-person team will leave the Allgäu Airport Memmingen to travel via Skopje to the Greek Macedonian border.

Since late summer humedica engages in Presevo at the Serbian Macedonian border on the Balkan route, which is preferably used by ten thousands of refugees. Recently Idomeni became another hotspot there due to current developments. But the situation in this camp is very poor in many respects.

„The reports of our team members on site contributed to our decision to extend our medical care immediately“, says Raphael Marcus, head of emergency and relief aid at humedica. „The whole supply situation is desolate, due to lacking prospects and exhaustion the situation gradually deteriorates further.“

An intervention team, which comprises initially five persons, will set out from the Allgäu Airport Memmingen this Thursday afternoon. The medical specialist Dr. Felix Mittag (30, Bremen in Germany) and the nurses Heike Faßbender (52, Wermelskirchen in Germany) and Anna Katharina Traunspurger (30, Munich in Germany) will be accompanied by the two coordinators Karin Frischknecht (25, Eggersriet in Switzerland) and Nina Skandalaki (37, Kaufbeuren in Germany). The experienced general practitioner Dr. Gerhard Gradl (57, Nuremberg in Germany) will join the team on Saturday.

„For the time being we are not planning to limit the duration of our intervention“, explains humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß. „But we hope for timely solutions for the affected refugees in Idomeni and other locations along the route.“

humedica asks the people in Germany for a dedicated donation to be able to continue and extend the medical aid for refugees. Thank you so much!

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