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"Present from the heart“ ready to start over again

humedica, Sternstunden e. V. and the media partners Radio Bayern 3 and „Abendschau“ of the Bavarian Television invite everybody to join in

by BWO,  2016/10/03

The big humedica Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart“ now starts for the 14th time to bring joy to children in need at Christmas time. Also this year the media partners „Abendschau“ of the Bavarian Television and Radio Bayern 3 as well as the campaign partner Sternstunden e. V. support again the charity campaign of BR.

All those, who do not only want to give presents to their loved ones, but also to bring pleasure to needy children at Christmas time, are invited to take part in „Present from the heart“. Since 2003 this campaign gives Christmas presents to children from families in need. Without the commitment of thousands of helpers and volunteers some of these children would not even have a toothbrush of their own or a warm cap.

Many compassionate people all over Bavaria prepare parcels with lovely and useful things for children. These parcels contain toys, hygiene articles as well as exercise books. Numerous collecting points, to be found on the campaign homepage, accept these parcels and thus contribute to the success of this campaign. Other busy supporters pick these parcels up at the collecting points and bring them to the humedica headquarters, where a final check-up takes place before the “presents from the heart” are prepared for dispatch. Then the parcels are sent by truck to one of the eight destination countries such as Romania or the Ukraine.

Even outside Europe in humedica project countries like Niger, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Haiti or the Lebanon many people prepare parcels for children.

To support also this domain of „Present from the heart“, humedica asks for targeted donations: about 12 EUR are needed to pack and distribute a parcel. People, who live outside of Bavaria and can therefore not join in personally by preparing a parcel, can support the campaign in this way.

This year´s “Christmas parcel country”, which will receive special attention with regard to background features and pictures, will be the Kosovo, situated in the Western part of the Balkan peninsula.

A first highlight of the „Present from the heart“ will take place on the 10th of November 2016: the „Abendschau“ of the BR will transmit live from the Christmas parcel town of Bad Reichenhall. All people, who live in the beautiful city of Bad Reichenhall or its surrounding area, will enjoy a Christmassy atmosphere and an entertaining programme when they deliver their Christmas parcels.

With immediate effect all interested Bavarians can register as collecting point for „Present from the heart“ and pack Christmas parcels. All information about the campaign can be found on
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