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Philippines: Projects have been completed

Help for typhoon victims has been implemented

by BWO, 2016/06/06

Super typhoon „Haiyan“, one of the heaviest hurricanes ever measured in the Philippines, which have been monitored since the beginning of reliable weather records, hit the Philippine islands Leyte and Samar the 8th of November 2013 and razed whole regions to the ground within just a few hours.

humedica reacted immediately. Thanks to generous donations till date valuable relief efforts could be realized, which support people on site in dealing with the consequences of the powerful cyclone. Especially in the fields of medical care as well as construction humedica could implement many aid measures, which we would like to present to you.

Completed projects on the isle of Leyte:

In Tacloban, both the capital of the province Leyte and the centre of destruction by typhoon „Haiyan“, two major projects have been realized.

One of them focused on reconstructing irreparably damaged houses in the affected areas. About 20 houses were rebuilt in cooperation with the partner organisations All Hands Volunteers (AHV) and Philippine Relief and Development Service (PHILRADS). In October 2015 they have been handed over to families that had lost their houses in the cyclone.

PHILRADS also provided so-called Shelter Repair Kits, i.e. construction materials for the repair of accommodations. Thus altogether 123 victims of the typhoon “Haiyan” were offered the possibility to rebuild their homes. To support these families even more comprehensively and to alleviate their way back into everyday life they have also been included in the sponsor programme of humedica.

Being the first intervention team on site, the humedica physicians could begin with the medical treatment of injured people only 48 hours after the occurrence of the cyclone. A few days later on also some operations could be performed in the cooperating hospital „Mother of Mercy“, even so the hospital itself had been severely damaged. The hospital, which is extremely important for the whole region, could be reconstructed and refitted thanks to international donations. More than 70 humedica volunteers have supported the hospital project, which was successfully completed by the end of June 2014.

Generally private health facilities play a special role in the medical care on the Philippines. State hospitals are often not able to offer relevant treatments. Private hospitals fill this gap. The „Mother of Mercy“ hospital can therefore be equated with a non-profit institution. The revenue is merely meant to cover the arising costs, the calculation does not schedule any profit. Tecloban as the provincial capital is also the healthcare capital of the region.

In July 2015 a Barangay health care station was constructed in the Dagami village on the isle of Leyte, which has 30.000 inhabitants. A Barangay is the lowest level of the administrative structure in the Philippines, which is quite similar to a village or a city district.

In cooperation with the partner organisation Eastern Vesayas Midwifes Support Services Inc. humedica also succeeded in restoring the local obstetrics ward „Palo“, which could be handed over to the local helpers in November 2015.

Another obstetrics ward called „Julita“ was completed, equipped and successfully transferred in October 2015.

Completed projects on the isle of Samar:

Thanks to the support of the humedica partner PHILRADS a heath care station could be constructed in the village of Balangiga in May 2015. Balangiga is situated on the Samar island in the East of the Philippines. Especially the South of Samar underwent a widespread devastation due to the typhoon “Haiyan”. The impact of the tropical cyclone caused severe damage even to massive stone buildings.

In Hernani, a little community in the also heavily affected province of Eastern Samar, humedica could build together with PHILRADS, the Philippine ministry of health and the government of Hernani another health care centre. This project was successfully completed in March 2016.

Furthermore, humedica realized in cooperation with its partners PHILRADS and AHV the construction of a new evacuation centre. In emergency situations it will offer shelter as well as other forms of support to the people. It was transferred to the local authorities of Hernani in January 2016. The new centre is particularly important as there are many typhoons on the Philippines. Especially in the months from June to November they occur at any time. The evacuation centre built by humedica is the first and only one in the region.

The building is a so-called "Multi-Purpose Evacuation Centre", which means, that even so on normal days the community can use it for workshops or as an office, in case of emergency situations it acts as evacuation centre. Designed in accordance with a "disaster-resilient" concept, i.e. following failsafe criteria, it also has a kitchen, where people, who are accommodated here, can prepare food for themselves.

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