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Relief goods container is on its way

by BWO,  2016/09/05

An important completion of both the emergency and disaster relief aid and the long-term development work of humedica is the supply with humanitarian goods. North Korea is one of the countries, which had received this kind of assistance for many years now. Some days ago another container full of medical supply has been sent on its way.

Since 1998 humedica engages in one of the last communist-ruled countries of our world and, after a long time of intensive negotiations, earned the trust of its authorities. Only a few organisations gain access to the largely isolated North Korea, where the population suffers from a latent food crisis and a shortage of medical services. At regular intervals humedica can bring humanitarian goods such as medicaments and food into the country to distribute them.

In the last year humedica was able to import to North Korea in total four deliveries containing more then 30 tons of relief goods. In particular one hospital at Sepo (province of Kangwon) in the South of the country benefitted from the supply. This hospital is the biggest one in the area and tends for more than 170.000 people. To ensure a better medical care a new hospital wing has been built. Local enterprises helped to complete the shell construction with wall paint, washbasins, tiles, windows and doors as well as many other materials. By now the building shines in a rich mint green colour.

But a lot happened not only on the outside, but also in the inside of the building. humedica filled its current container with medicinal consumables: drugs, thermometers, kidneys´ dishes, hygiene articles as well as incontinence materials. The new hospital wing could also be equipped with urgently needed hospital beds, wheelchairs and other important hospital requirements such as products for operating theatres and surgical instruments.

Thanks to this support many patients in Sepo can now benefit from a better medical treatment, especially in the area of basic medical care. During one of his personal monitoring visits on site humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß could verify that the external support measures are effective in many respects: „Since we, although we are a Christian organisation, feel obliged to the humanitarian principle of neutrality, we are in a position to help needy people in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for almost two years now“, he confirms during our conversation. „In the course of my various visits to North Korea I could state time and again that our relief goods were reliably used in exactly the hospitals and other social institutions, we had intended to provide for.“

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