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Help stays important

by Priscilla Groß,  2016/07/22

Since 2005 humedica is active in the Niger, one of the poorest countries of the world. After the comprehensive aid measures during the famines in 2005 und 2010, the present work focuses on the management of the humedica mother-child clinic not far from the capital Niamey and the support of a home for handicapped people in the town Maradi. Both projects are very busy at the moment.

Reconstruction of the mother-child-clinic in Kollo

Already in 2006 humedica has started the construction of the supply centre Hosanna Complexe de Santé in the provincial city with the local partner organisation Hosanna Institut du Sahel (HIS). Thanks to the generous support from Ein Herz für Kinder – Bild hilft, now urgently needed constructional improvements of the clinic could be undertaken.

A new dividing wall was mounted in the warehouse of the hospital. The installation of this wall will help to lower the energy consumption of the whole building by creating a new cooling chamber for the storage of medicaments and food. The expensive use of generators during power failures now becomes more and more redundant and substantial savings could already be realised.

Furthermore a new wall could be built around the clinic building, so that now the access to the site can be controlled. Thus the hospital itself and its employees as well as the patients seeking help there are much better protected from attacks, robberies or terrorist strikes than before. An important point, if you think of the increasing threats of terrorism for Western establishments. An additional guard, installed opposite the entrance, provides further security by controlling the access to the area day and night.

Additional smaller construction measures contribute to render possible a better treatment of the patients. Out of cultural and hygienic reasons a second toilet house was built in addition to the former one used by all, so now patients and employees have the opportunity to use separate toilets.

To improve also the water supply of the hospital, a new clinic well was sunk and equipped with a solar-powered electrical pump. Thus the hospital´s supply with clean drinking water is secured and independent of the public supply system – an important milestone, which is an invaluable asset especially with regard to the periodic draughts in the Niger.

Maradis "House of Hope" shapes up

Since February 2016 humedica supports not only the hospital, but also a centre for handicapped people in Maradi, the third largest town in Niger. By the beginning of June, when the project started, all 30 training places were filled by women, who will learn to sew and knit. For the opening humedica financed together with the project partner Dominikus Ringeisen Werk both various building repair work and new acquisitions such as sewing machines.

Thanks to an additional funding by the Dominikus Ringeisen Werk the training now also offers welding and suede manufacturing in the Maradi „House of Hope“, which improves the difficult professional perspectives of the participants even further.

The employees of our partner organisation "Hosanna Institute du Sahel", which also manages a sewing school for handicapped needy people, support the centre on site. Together with the manager of the sewing school a HIS employee supervises the activities of the centre for handicapped people, takes care of the assignment of the project funds and looks after the recruitment of suitable personnel such as trainers, a cook or a bookkeeper.

For the project start material supply was acquired, which will refinance by selling the produced goods. It is planned to sell them on the market in Maradi, but also contract work will be introduced by and by to allow an assured revenue and fair working conditions for the handicapped people.

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