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Allgäu Airport and humedica start joint fundraising project

by LKO,  2016/04/13

It is a situation most air passengers will have experienced at least once: just in front of the security checkpoint you notice the still filled water bottle in your hand luggage, which you are not allowed to carry on and which you have to finish therefore immediately. Afterwards the quickly emptied bottle is disposed in the nearest waste bin – together with the bottle deposit.

To turn this situation into something meaningful, humedica and the Allgäu Airport in Memmingen now initiated a special fundraising project, which not only assists the owner of the bottle, but also puts the supposedly discarded bottle deposit refund to good use. In front of the Allgäu Airport security check two big plastic containers were installed, which travellers can use to dispose their empty bottles while supporting the aid projects of humedica.

The Ulmen company Martin Fink KG provided free of charge the transparent containers, which are regularly emptied by humedica volunteers to avoid unnecessary costs. Several times a week the helpers bring the bottles to one of the nearby V-Markets in Memmingen to encash the bottle deposit refunds in the return stations. Thus the bottle deposit refunds can benefit to one hundred per cent the humanitarian work of humedica.

„It is really fantastic, if you can do good with such a little effort.“ comments Allgäu Airport general manager Ralf Schmid, who, together with humedica employees and the head of the V-Market Memmingen, took part in the installation of the containers marking the start of the campaign at the beginning of the month. humedica will use the bottle deposit refunds for current relief projects, which are underfinanced due to either low media coverage or major requirements and therefore need further financial support.

„With the collected bottle deposit refunds we hope to finance aid interventions in Ethiopia or the Lebanon to help people in great need.“ explains humedica employee Cecilia Homilius the aim of the campaign. „It is great that the Allgäu Airport was ready to support us once again. We wish to thank all involved parties cordially.“

For many years now humedica maintains a close partnership with the Allgäu Airport and could already rely on a lot of support in terms of free flights or pro bono supply deliveries to disaster areas in the past. This assistance, which is always readily available for the disaster interventions of the Allgäu relief organisation, is of great value for the work of humedica.

At this point it can only be roughly estimated how much the refunds of the donated deposit bottles will finally earn, but in the first days after the new campaign´s take-off some hundred bottles have already found their way into the new containers. All participants therefore agree that this fundraising campaign tackles the right spot and is therefore a worthwhile contribution to the support of people in need.

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