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Big Day of Action in Konstanz

First anniversary of the heavy earthquake in Nepal


Up to 9.000 people lost their lives within seconds, more than 22.000 were injured, many of them severely: the 25th of April 2016 sees the first anniversary of the strongest earthquake in the history of Nepal. Reason enough for humedica and its partner organisation Hoffnungszeichen from Konstanz to organise next Sunday a special event in Konstanz to remember the victims, to have a look both at the country and its inhabitants and to inform about the various reconstruction challenges.

„We want to remember in dignity, however not in a mourning atmosphere, but rather – in accordance with the Nepalese culture and mentality – with a colourful celebration against oblivion.“ announces Lina Koch, responsible for the planning at humedica. The festivity will take place at various locations throughout Germany, all based on the same concept covering identical topics. The major event will be in Konstanz on Lake Constance, hometown of Hoffnungszeichen.

„We invite all interested parties to come to the 'Rheintorturm', which is one of the most famous historic locations in Konstanz“, informs Martin Hoffmann, head of public relations at Hoffnungszeichen e. V., and hopes for many guests.

The event offers a lot of information on the present situation in the Himalayan state, a captivating exhibition of pictures taken by the well-known photographer Christoph Jorda, who visited Nepal directly after the disaster, various Nepalese culinary offers as well as a wide range of activities for children.

„We believe that it is very important to remember major disasters like this even in the face of the many present challenges“, adds Martin Hoffmann.

humedica und Hoffnungszeichen engagierten sich unmittelbar nach dem Beben im Bereich der Not- und Katastrophenhilfe und kooperieren seit einigen Monaten beim Bau von 250 erdbebensicheren Häusern außerhalb der Hauptstadt Kathmandu.

At a glance: Nepal Day of Action, 24 April 2016, 3.00 to 8.00 pm, at the Rheintorturm in Konstanz
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