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humedica dispatches field survey team to Haiti

Severe destruction after hurricane expected – field survey team examines opportunities for assistance

by LKO,  2016/10/04

As severe destruction and casualties are to be expected after the hurricane „Matthew“ hit Haiti, humedica sends out a field survey team on Wednesday evening, which will check out the situation on site in the disaster area and will already initiate first relief operations if possible.

„Matthew“ is a category four hurricane, which is expected to bring extensive rain due to its slow movement speed. humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß, who had already travelled to Haiti a few days ago to discuss other projects, is since Tuesday in the centre of the natural catastrophe. In his opinion the situation is extremely dangerous: „In the last 37 years I experienced a lot of disasters up close, but I have never seen a hurricane this forceful.” For many years now humedica runs various projects in this country, one of the poorest of the Western hemisphere.

On Wednesday evening a humedica field survey team of six will travel from the Frankfurt airport to Haiti. The experienced physician Dr. Markus Hohlweck (Bonn) and the paramedic Anja Ziegler (Kulmbach) will accompany the coordinators Anna Felfeli (Munich), Dr. Steffi Gentner (Constance) and Oleg Lepschin (Berlin). Nurse Daniel Warkentin (Rengsdorf) will complete the team.

humedica asks the German people for dedicated donations to support this relief intervention.

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