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humedica India opens new head office

New office building allows for comprehensive aid measures in India

by LKO,  2016/03/04

The planning, building and setting-up has taken some time, but now everything is ready: humedica India, partner organisation of humedica International, opens the doors to its new head office in Kolar Gold Fields and welcomes also guests from Germany for this occasion.

Participants of the yearly trip of humedica volunteers are presently touring the South of India. Together with general manager Wolfgang Groß from the humedica Allgäu headquarters they visited the grand opening on the 4th of March 2016 and could gain an insight in the work of the organisation.

„I am glad that the new building can finally be opened after a long construction period. It will offer enough room for both all employees of humedica India and our voluntary workers in the future.“ explains Wolfgang Groß. „We are committed for more than fifteen years now in India and it is great to see that the support for people in need can still be professionalised and expanded also here on site.“

The head office is situated at Kolar Gold Fields, a mining city in the South-Indian state Karnataka, from where it coordinates regional aid measures. Providing the German headquarters with the opportunity to help faster with disasters in the Asian area, humedica India furthermore organises several aid projects in Karnataka and the neighbouring state Tamil Nadu.

The biggest of these projects is the English spoken school „Peniel English Higher Primary School“, that offers comprehensive training for presently approximately 240 pupils to prepare them for the difficult Indian job market. In order to provide pupils with a safe journey to school, a new school bus was acquired in October last year.

While the opening festivities for the new office building have barely finished, the planning for the next construction project has already begun: Since August 2015 a new hospital is built on the humedica India site, where in the future local employees will work side by side with voluntary helpers from Germany to provide vital support for people in need.

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