humedica headlines September 2016

by LKO,  2016/09/30

+++ Scaltel AG apprentices donate 1.000 EUR +++ humedica Lanka volunteers awarded +++ More than 100 guests at humedica volunteer staff party +++

Scaltel AG apprentices donate 1.000 EUR

Once again young people have proven that commitment for people in need does neither depend on a certain age nor on a bulging wallet. When the media reported about the disastrous humanitarian situation in Syria, the apprentices from Scaltel, a company in the Bavarian town Waltenhofen, decided to engage personally and to initiate an in-house fundraising campaign.

„We decided to initiate the donation campaign after having seen the shocking pictures from Syria. In our opinion the present situation there is degrading.“ explains the trainee Rebecca Skala the motivation to organise a fundraising campaign, which collected about 500 EUR.

Their engagement also impressed the company management that doubled the amount to 1.000 EUR. The enterprise had already supported the work of the humedica team in the past, for example by donating and installing a radio relay station at the humedica headquartes in Kaufbeuren.

humedia general manager Wolfgang Groß also expressed his appreciation for this commitment: „Even after more than 35 years of humanitarian work I am still especially pleased about the engagement of young people. I would therefore like to thank the Scaltel AG apprentices in the name of all people, who benefit from this support“.

humedica Lanka volunteers awarded

When in May this year never-ending rainfall lead to severe flooding and caused a serious humanitarian emergency situation in Sir Lanka, humedica and its local subsidiary humedica Lanka reacted on the spot and, supported by the Foreign Office, started immediately with the preparation and implementation of relief operations for the affected people.

A mammoth task, which could only be managed thanks to the help of many local volunteers. Working under immense pressure numerous volunteers supported the humedica team in packing up relief goods to distribute them to 4.000 families that lost all their possessions during the floods. The Sri-Lankan Ministry for Emergency Situations now awarded this engagement officially.

On the 30th of September the ministry handed the volunteers a certificate and praised their unselfish and compassionate engagement. Dr. Prithivira, head of <strong>humedica Lanka, joined in the ministry´s thanksgiving and pointed out the importance of volunteers in the humanitarian relief work, especially in the case of disasters.

More than 100 guests at humedica volunteer staff party

Two evenings a year humedica dedicates to the people, who usually do not care to be in the spotlight and nevertheless are the indispensable backbone of the worldwide relief work of humedica. At the traditional staff party for its volunteers the humedica team seizes the opportunity to thank the present guests from all their heart for their voluntary commitment and to inform them about current and planned aid projects.

Approximately 110 active volunteers and interested parties attended the latest event on the 28th of September 2016 in the big humedica warehouse. After a captivating presentation on the relief work in Ethiopia and the Lebanon and relevant information about the upcoming Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart“, the evening offered another highlight. Via live videoconference from his project trip in Haiti humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß participated in the event at the warehouse to thank all volunteers for their continuing dedication.

The following joined dinner offered the opportunity to discuss further questions and to get to know each other better. „We were happy to welcome so many guests at our volunteer staff party. Hopefully we were able to show how grateful we are for the engagement of our many volunteers.“ expressed event manager Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche her thanks at the end of the evening.

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