humedica headlines October 2016

by LKO, 2016/10/26

+++ Straightforward support on the way to the disaster area +++ 66 pallets of infant food for Romania +++ Well prepared for the upcoming winter season: Gruma donates snowplough +++ humedica headquarters reception area refurbished +++

Straighforward support on the way to the disaster area

Every minute counts for the humedica intervention teams, when they have to get as fast as possible to the affected regions, which sometimes are far away. Luckily our team members can time and again rely on the straightforward assistance of supporters, who help to simplify the trip to the affected regions. A company, which assists humedica regularly, is the Condor Flugdienst GmbH (Condor flight service).

For years now the flight company provides our voluntary intervention team members with tickets at cost price and transports incurring excess baggage without charge whenever it is possible. This also took place after the severe hurricane „Matthew“ in Haiti, when Condor Flugdienst transported about 400 kilos of medicaments free of charge.

„To provide as best as possible for survivors and casualties in a disaster region our intervention teams need quite a range of medical aid supplies. It is a mayor relief that Condor enables us again and again to take these relief goods with us for free, so that we do not need to spend donation funds on the transport costs“, humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß expresses his thanks.

In the name of all aid recipients the humedica team would like to thank sincerely for this support and is looking forward to continuing this cooperation in the future.

66 pallets of infant food

The Alete company has supported the humedica aid supply with an extensive relief goods donation. A very generous initial donation comprising 66 pallets full of baby and infant food were delivered to the intervention team members of humedica, who will make good use of the it for relief projects in Romania.

„Even so Romania is part of Europe, many inhabitants of this country suffer structural poverty and undersupply. As is so often the case these circumstances affect in particular the smallest members of society, so that we can put the donation of Alete to good use“, explains Alastair Scott, who takes care of the worldwide humedica supply service.

humedica engages since 1998 in the East European state and provides its local partner organisations regularly with food and medical relief goods as well as clothing.

On behalf of the beneficiaries humedica thanks all responsible people at Alete.

Well prepared for the upcoming winter season: Gruma donates snowplough

In order to get ready for an intervention after a disaster, it is crucial that the humedica headquarters and its relief supply stock are accessible for trucks and cars at all times. This is a task, which meant a lot of work for the humedica headquarters employees especially in the strong snowy Allgäu winters of the past. As the GRUMA Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH now has donated a road salt snowplough, this task will be an easy one in the future.

The used vehicle was officially handed over to humedica in a formal ceremony in due time for the break of winter. Equipped with a snow blade among other necessary accessories the snowplough now awaits its first clearance assignment of the humedica premises, which are situated at a height of about 700 meters. „We are very happy to assist humedica again, as we see humanitarian engagement as our social responsibility", the GRUMA general manager Hans Gruber said at the formal hand-over. „Our snowplough will take care that the humedica helpers here at their home base are ready to operate at any time in winter to enable their intervention teams to reach as fast as possible the disaster struck areas.”

Jürgen Jakoby, head of technics at humedica, backed this view: „We are very grateful for the support of the GRUMA GmbH. The snowplough will take a lot of work off our hands and will help to save valuable time while preparing disaster relief interventions.”

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