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by BWO, 2016/05/30

+++ Volunteer spring festival 2016 +++ Avantgarde donates well preserved office furniture +++ First intervention training of the year completed successfully +++ South Bavarian association Rotex 1840 e. V. supports humedica +++

Volunteer spring festival 2016

We were happy to welcome some of our volunteers at this year´s volunteer spring festival on the 28th of April 2016. Approximately 110 persons came to the humedica headquarters at Kaufbeuren to recall together the last months and to share their ideas on the next projects.

At the beginning of the event Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche, coordinator of both the “Present from the heart” campaign and the volunteer support, reported on the 2015 Christmas parcel campaign. The busy helpers collected, packed and distributed the impressive amount of 83.828 Christmas parcels for needy children living for the major part in Eastern Europe. She also presented the various opportunities to work as a volunteer for humedica.

Her speech was followed by a stunning presentation of the yearly journey of the volunteers, who this year visited the new subsidiary organisation humedica India. The couple Mr and Ms. Wahl send their audience on a visual and informative trip through the colourful South of India, where the travellers not only saw the mining city Kolar Gold Fields, but also took part in the opening ceremony of the humedica headquarters for India.

Finally the responsible employee Jakob Bihlmayer offered deeper insights on the current situation in Idomeni, Greece, where humedica had provided medical care in a mobile ambulance till the end of May.

The whole humedica team was glad to meet the many volunteers and would like to thank everybody for the lively exchange on this lovely evening. humedica is already looking forward to the next autumn meeting on the 28th of September 2016 at 6.00 pm!

Avantgarde donates well preserved office furniture

The 6th and 7th of May nine humedica helpers, four volunteers from the headquarters and five volunteer refugees, could pick up two full truck loads of furniture in Munich, mainly cabinets, desktops and office chairs as well as lamps and computer screens.

Two recipients of this large donation are the Caritas Alba Julia and the Stiftung Alpema, both longstanding partner organisations from Romania, who will use the furniture to equip an educational facility and various centres for handicapped people. Another part of the furniture goes to a humedica partner organisation in Moldavia and a district hospital in the city Sepo in North Korea.

In the name of all receiving organisations we would like to express our gratitude to the company Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH for the generous donation in kind.

First intervention training of the year successfully completed

In the second week of May humedica welcomed 30 participants for the first intervention training of this year. For one week 20 medical professionals and ten coordinators exercised for the emergency situation. Expert presentations and practical training taught them from a professional point of view how to implement humanitarian aid work and especially how to act during disaster operations.

The successful completion of the humedica intervention training is a prerequisite to participate as coordinator or medical team member in a volunteer emergency operation for humedica.

Again it was an intensive, busy week with committed volunteers from all over Germany, who were willing to go to their physical and mental limits to train for the emergency situations of a humanitarian intervention. When the stress increased day by day, the cooperation in the various teams continually improved and deepened. The training focused not only on the professional qualification, but also on the participants´ capacity and readiness for teamwork. In the end it was clear to everybody that disaster relief work can only succeed, if all work together.

On the weekend before the intervention training, ten persons additionally completed a media coordinator formation to learn how to implement successfully effective public relations work in intervention situations.

We want to thank all training participants for their keen and committed engagement also in situations, which were not always easy, and hope to meet some of them again for one of our future emergency interventions.

South Bavarian association Rotex 1840 e. V. donates 650 Euro for earthquake relief in Ecuador to humedia

The cause for this donation campaign was an especially sad one: During the heavy earthquakes in Ecuador in mid-April died an exchange student from Augsburg. To support the ongoing earthquake aid in Ecuador the association Rotex 1840 e. V. collected the sizeable sum of 650 Euro and handed it now over to humedica.

The heaviest earthquake in Latin America since 1979 surprised the inhabitants in their sleep. Sadly this is often the cause for the great number of victims, many of them simply have no chance to escape the destruction, which follows the tremors.

Even so humedica dispatched a medical intervention team only hours later on and was able to care for the people by means of mobile ambulances in several regions in the weeks following the earthquake, now the focus is on other forms of support.

„We heard about the awful earthquake and the Augsburg exchange student, who lost her life there“, explained Manuel Ball while handing over the donation in the humedica headquarters. „By all means we wanted to demonstrate our solidarity, after all it could just as well have been one of our exchange students“, the 19-year-old added.

Rotex is the registered association of former Rotary exchange students from the South of Bavaria. The committed group of young women and men prepares future exchange students for their stay abroad and additionally supports 30 foreign pupils and students in the region.

„We really are very happy about the commitment of Rotex and admire the initiative of the group around Manuel Ball“, stated Anna Felfeli, the responsible humedica employee for Ecuador, who voluntarily accepted the donation for the aid organisation. „Also thanks to this donation we now have the great opportunity to continue our work and to support the victims further on their way after having completed our emergency relief operation.“

The Rotarians from Bad Wörishofen added 250 Euro to the amount Rotex had already collected among its own members. Thank you very much for this great dedication!

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