humedica headlines March 2016

by LKO,  2016/03/30

+++ Networking and doing good +++ Substantial support from Augsburg +++ Nepal Day of Action comes closer +++ An anniversary with lots of charity +++

Networking and doing good

In regular intervals members of the corporate network BNI Domitius meet to exchange business recommendations, to cultivate new and old contacts and, last but not least, to have breakfast together. So on the 22nd of March approximately 70 Allgäu entrepreneurs came together to network in the health resort Bad Wörishofen in Germany.

This March also humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß took part for the first time. Like all other participants he had 90 seconds to present his organisation and to pass on his business cards to the audience afterwards.

The visit of Wolfgang Groß was an occasion for BNI Domitius to support humedica with a donation for people in need and so at the end of the breakfast meeting nearly 800 Euros were collected and handed over to Wolfgang Groß.

The attendees did not designate their donation in order to offer humedica the possibility to invest the money where it is needed most at the moment.

„I spent a highly interesting morning at BNI Domitius, which resulted in both a great donation and many exciting contacts for our work.“ Wolfgang Groß finally expressed his thanks.

Substantial support from Augsburg

The company Albani, situated in Augsburg, also engaged in the international work of humedica with an extensive contribution in kind: the textile manufacturer gave over 27 pallets of mosquito nets in total worth about 78.000 Euro to the humedica employees and thus made a substantial contribution to the support of people in need.

The nets will be needed for various projects in malaria areas in Africa and South East Asia, where humedica provides sustainable support for people in the course of long-term projects. The smaller part of the mosquito nets will remain in the Allgäu store to be used in a case of emergency.

„Malaria is an elementary problem for many of our aid projects, which every year costs innumerable lives. Thanks to the donation of Albani we now have the opportunity to protect thousands of potentially endangered people from infections.“ explains Alastair Scott, who is responsible for the supply assistance at humedica. „We could already send out mosquito nets to our project in Togo, where is a high risk of malaria year-round.“

In the name of all recipients we thank for the generous support from Augsburg and are looking forward to further co-operations in the future.

Nepal Day of Action comes nearer

It is almost a year now that the earth in Nepal shook and the life of thousands of people changed forever within just a few seconds. The humedica helpers reacted with accustomed speed and reached the disaster area within days after the earthquake to care for the injured people and to distribute urgently needed relief goods. The acute emergency aid was followed by still ongoing long-term aid projects, which assist the affected people on their way back to normal life.

To present both these aid projects and a general overview, but also to commemorate the victims of the disaster, on the first anniversary of the earthquake humedica organises together with its partner organisation Hoffnungszeichen e. V. a big Nepal Day of Action in Constance on Lake Constance, Germany. Sunday, 24 April 2016, an exhibition of the renowned photographer Christoph Jorda will open for visitors, accompanied by Nepalese specialties and a colourful children´s programme.

An anniversary with lots of charity

„To love someone means to be willing to get old with him“ says a well-known proverb of the French philosopher Albert Camus, which completely applies to Alois and Anni Jäger, both longstanding supporters of humedica.

The couple from Marktoberdorf in Germany celebrated their diamond wedding the 16th of March and instead of presents asked for donations for the aid projects of humedica. Their guests were more than willing to comply with this request and presented the Jägers with 1.000 Euro in total.

humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß thanked the generous donators in person and congratulated them on their sixty years spent together: „Alois and Anni Jäger support our work for people in need since many years. It means very much to me that they have chosen this special anniversary to support humedica."

The whole humedica team would like to join these words and to thank wholeheartily for the longstanding and generous support.

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