humedica headlines January 2016

by LKO,  2016/01/28

+++ Celebrating for a good cause +++ Pupils help their peers +++ Sporlastic donation relieves pain +++ humedica and brand agency sons: strengthened cooperation +++

Celebrating for a good cause

There are many possibilities to engage actively in the current refugee crisis and to help people in need: Everybody can get involved and make his own contribution in an open and social society by volunteer commitment, donations in kind or support of relief agencies. Said Kassner und Valentin Tran have opted for the last possibility mentioned before.

Already in October last year the two Berliners organised a party called „Nachtklang Benefiz“ (nighttime sound charity event), its revenue was destined for the relief agency, which would get the most votes by the attendants. humedica finally came out on top and so the two promoters passed on the donation of 487 Euro to Wolfgang Groß, the general manager.

„We are very pleased, that the party guests in Berlin voted for an Allgäu relief agency and we now can invest their donation in our refugee aid.“, explains Wolfgang Groß, who met with the two party promoters in the course of a business trip to Berlin.

Also the rest of the Allgäu humedica team would like to join in and express its sincere thanks for the support from the capital in the name of all aid recipients.

Pupils help their peers

Helping is not a question of age as proven by the pupils of a Pforzen elementary school in the Allgäu: Shortly before the Christmas holidays the 130 children organised an Advent market to sell some of their toys for a good cause. Successfully: 487 Euro were raised to support the work of humedica.

The Peniel School in South India, which is run by humedica India, will receive the revenue of this great commitment. It will invest the money for a new school bus that will transport safely pupils, who live farther away, to their lessons and back home again. The Peniel School offers about 430 pupils the opportunity of an efficient formation and therefore better chances on the difficult Indian job market.

During her visit humedica employee Heinke Rauscher told the interested primary school pupils more about Indian everyday school life and explained, why the help from Germany does make a noticeably positive difference for the children in India.

The humedica team and all employees of humedica India would like to thank cordially for the unselfish commitment of the Pforzen pupils.

Sporlastic donation relieves pain

Who already experienced severe pain after a sports injury or an accident, will know about the positive impact of orthoses or bandages. In Germany these medical aids are standard repertoire of medical treatment for a long time already and paid for by health insurances in most cases.

This is not the case in third-world and developing countries, where deficient medical treatment and lacking resources often impede the help via orthopaedic aids. Affected people there are often forced to endure their pain without any hope for relief.

The team of the Sporlastic GmbH from Nürtingen are aware of this situation. They therefore supported the humedica relief activities once again with a comprehensive donation in kind. Eight boxes full of bandages and orthoses are sitting in the humedica storage waiting to be used in hospitals and health care stations all around the world to improve the healing process of many patients.

On behalf of all future beneficiaries of bandages and orthoses humedica would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Sporlastic GmbH and is looking forward to further collaborations in the future.

humedica and the brand agency sons: strengthened cooperation

humedica has already many ties with the Kempten brand agency sons. The annual strategy meeting in the premises of the sons company did consolidate their already intensive collaboration further.

„Since many years now we work closely together with sons, its employees support our assignment extensively with their pro bono services. The possibility to have the annual strategy meeting in their rooms was a great setting for the planning of the oncoming year“ Wolfgang Groß, general manager of humedica, expressed his thanks.

The branding agency sons was founded in 1989 by the two brothers Tobias and Thomas Stricker. It assists companies both in the strategy and creation of their brands and their communication. By preparing the layout of the monthly info letter free of charge, the agency engages since 2008 in the humanitarian work of the Allgäu relief organisation.

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