humedica headlines February 2016 – Part 2

by LKO,  2016/03/02

+++ Generous support from genXtreme und Mascot +++ Successful Christmas campaign assists humedica +++ Elementary aid: Aliud Pharma donates painkillers and more +++

Generous support from genXtreme and Mascot

Once again the Kaufbeuren enterprise genXtreme organised a generous donation for the international relief work of humedica. humedica recieved 100 high-quality functionpants and 30 premium vests produced by Mascot for a project in the Peruvan Andes, which the Allgäu helpers support since many years.

Since many years humedica lives to see that especially the local population backs its worldwide work for people in need.

Without any limits this also applies for the businesses and companies of the booming Allgäu economy.

„We see ourselves definitely as an Allgäu organisation and attach importance to show our roots also in our external communication.“ confirms humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß, who was also born in the Allgäu region.

The company genXtreme, which has a big local store in Kaufbeuren as well as a successful online-shop for work and functional wear, supported humedica already several times.

The present donation in kind was provided by the producer free of charge and passed on to humedica by genXtreme. humedica will transport the donated items to Peru and transfer them to the Anden hospital „Diospi Suyana“.

„This institution is a blessing for many Peruvians every single day“, explains Wolfgang Groß. „We support this project since many years now with in-kind donations and are very happy to be able to send again valuable goods to Peru. My thanks go in particular to the Mascot company and its general manager Mr. Martin Reichle as well as to the genXtreme team around Mr. Torben Henriksen.“

Successful Christmas campaign assists humedica

The Syria conflict lasts already for six years and still people are fleeing to Europe from war, violence and destruction. Children, who have been sent off alone respectively have lost their parents or relatives on their way and now arrive traumatised in Germany, are especially stricken. To help these children the brand agency sons from Kempten donated overall 3.400 Euros within their Christmas campaign „Stars of Joy“.

„We are not able to give these children their lost childhood back. But we strive to help to provide them with what they need most at the moment: security and a little bit of normality.“ explain Thomas und Tobias Stricker, the two general managers of the sons agency. Besides a secure accommodation, food, drink, warm clothing and medicaments this includes above all human warmth, attention and the prospect of living without fear.

How much importance the agency puts on its social commitment can also be seen in the fact that it supports humedica´s work not only with donations. Since many years sons assists the organisation also in the field of business communication, creates newsletters as well as business reports and meets regularly for the exchange of ideas.

„The extensive support by sons is crucial for us“, underlines Steffen Richter, humedica spokesman. „We just can thank again and again for the dedicated support of the whole sons-Team.“

Elementary help: Aliud Pharma donates painkillers and more

In this part of the world it is unthinkable to be seriously ill without the possibility to consult a physician or at least to go to a pharmacy to look for relief. After all the German welfare state secures extensively the medical care for its inhabitants – a privilege, people living only several hundred of kilometres further east can not rely on.

In countries such as Romania, the Ukraine or Serbia the major part of the people has to face serious challenges, which often comprises the payment for medical treatment or urgently needed medicaments. The pharmaceutical manufacturer ALIUD PHARMA, which knows about this situation, therefore supported the relief work of humedica with a drug donation worth 10.000 Euros.

Medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers and ointments are needed for the medical interventions of humedica and thus benefit people, who are too poor to care for themselves.

And this is not the first commitment of ALIUD PHARMA. The company already donated drugs worth more than 100.000 Euros to support the provision of an affected local hospital after the earthquake in Nepal last year.

„Medicines are elementary for the implementation of our aid projects. Therefore the repeated support of Aliud is of the utmost importance for us“, expresses humedica employee Heinke Rauscher her gratitude.

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