humedica headlines December 2016 - Part 2

by LKO, 2016/12/28

+++ 30.000 Euro for people in need: Hans Hundegger AG supports humedica +++ Run4humedica with record result +++ Women´s choir „Lichtblick“ sings for the good cause +++ Lions Club Schongau hands over proceeds of Christmas market +++ Legau clubs support help for indigent people +++

30.000 Euro for people in need: Hans Hundegger AG supports humedica

True to the motto ‚Donations instead of gifts‘ the Hans Hundegger company from Hawangen engaged this Christmas in a remarkable way: The company skipped again the usual customer presents and donated 30.000 Euro to humedica instead. The contribution will go to relief projects in forgotten crises.

The fact that such a high amount could be donated is due to the management of the Hundegger company, who doubled the amount of 15.000 Euro, which was usually spent for customer gifts. „Every day we are grateful that we are so well off both personally and as a company. As this is not the case for many other people, we would like to share our prosperity and support concrete humanitarian aid“, explains chairman Hans Hundegger the motivation for the donation.

The Hundegger company decided not to dedicate the donation to a certain cause in order to enable the humedica helpers to use the money where it is needed most. „Especially for our engagement in the so called “forgotten crises” in countries like Zimbabwe or Pakistan we urgently need financial support. The generous donation of the Hundegger company allows us to realise concrete relief measures for many people in need.“, thanks humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß.

At the donation ceremony the whole humedica team from the Kaufbeuren headquarters took the opportunity to express its gratitude to the Hans Hundegger AG from Hawangen in the name of all the people, who will benefit from this contribution.

Run4humedica with record result

This summer the pupils from the Schmuttertal gymnasium in the Swabian Diedorf had given everything and had run round after round for the good cause at their run4humedica. Now the record revenue of 15.000 Euro was finally transferred to humedica. In the course of the Christmas celebrations at the gymnasium the headmaster Günter Manhardt and the coordinator Gabi Sturm handed over the donation cheque to the humedica employee Heinke Rauscher.

The proceeds will go to the relief project Enfant-Foot-Développement, which cares for needy children in Togo and supports the cultural exchange in the multi-ethnic state by organising and outfitting soccer tournaments.

humedica cordially thanks all participants and supporters of the run4humedica event in Diedorf. A great humanitarian engagement with an impressive result!

Women´s choir „Lichtblick“ sings for the good cause

The women´s choir „Lichtblick“ from the small village Kammlach in the Allgäu demonstrated how to combine two great concerts with a good cause and donated the complete revenue of its two November concerts to humedica. The choir members handed over in person the donation cheque of 600 Euro to the humedica employee Lina Koch.

For eight years now the 26 women from Kammlach sing together. Also this year they attracted a large audience to their November concerts in the Maria Baumgärtle church and the Mariä Himmelfahrt church at Erkheim. Instead of raising an entrance fee, they had asked their listeners for a donation, which the choir now passed on completely to humedica for the aid of people in need.

The head of the choir Jutta Müller found the following words of gratitude at the donation ceremony: „We are glad to do some good with our revenue by passing it on to people in need. We thank all our visitors, who have made this possible.“

Lions Club Schongau hands over the proceeds of its Christmas market

To help people in need is a top priority for both the Lions Club and humedica. The Lions Club Schongau have therefore supported the humanitarian work of the helpers in the red vests with the donation of 3.000 Euro.

The revenue was earned at the Schongau Christmas market, where the Lions Club members had sold crêpes and mulled wine six days for the good cause. „It is important to us to support local institutions, so that we know that the money actually reaches the right places and contributes to concrete help for indigent people.“, said the acting club chairman Jürgen Ruf, who handed over the donation to humedica together with the vice chairman Elisabeth Malzer.

The Lions Club did not dedicate the donation to a special cause to enable humedica to use the money where it is needed most.

„Open donations like the one of the Lions Club Schongau are very valuable to us as they allow us to help needy people, who only rarely receive broader public attention.“

Wolfgang Groß, general manager of humedica

Legauer clubs support help for indigent people

Also the Kolping Family and the Music Society from Legau engaged for the good cause and achieved great results. They donated the complete proceeds of their Advent events worth 2.750 Euro to humedica. This impressive amount could be reached thanks to both the voluntary commitment of the clubs and a generous individual donation of 1.000 Euro.

The contribution of the Music Society worth 1.150 Euro results from a collection at the yearly Advent concert in the Legau church, which presented the audience a colourful musical programme crowned by the performance of the local harpist Elina Uhl.

The members of the theatre group of the Kolping Family Legau forwent this year their presents and instead donated the amount together with this year´s memorial day collection to humedica, which accounted for further 600 Euro.

Stefan Kößler, board member of the Music Society, and the chairman of the Kolping Family, Werner Göser, came in person to the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren to hand over the donation. They used this opportunity to get a broader picture of our internationally operating aid organisation.

In the name of all the people, who will benefit from this contribution, the humedica team thanks all participating Legau residents for both the generous donation and their great commitment.

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