humedica headlines December 2016 - Part 1

by LKO,  2016/12/22

+++ Hamburg supports worldwide aid for people in need +++ German Mark campaign extended: Allgäu saving banks continue to accept German Mark donations +++ Donations instead of gifts: company group Dorr supports humedica +++ Great success for the ESV Kaufbeuren benefit dinner +++

Hamburg supports worldwide aid for people in need

The voluntary humedica intervention members come from all over Germany. Therefore the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren is not only glad about the continued support from the Allgäu region, but is also time and again surprised by the engagement in the far North of Germany. Like the 7.500 Euro Christmas donation by the Hamburg branch of the consulting company BearingPoint, which was informed about humedica´s worldwide relief operations by the humedica employee and coordinator Franziska Vogel.

humedica employee Dr. Toni Großhauser, who lives in Hamburg, could accept the symbolic donation cheque at the BearingPoint Christmas party in person and offered the guests a short insight in the procedures of humanitarian relief work. The donation supports the medical teams of humedica, who realise short-term medical care for affected people after disasters.

In the name of all aid recipients humedica thanks all people responsible at BearingPoint.

German Mark campaign extended: Allgäu saving banks continue to accept German Mark donations

The joint donation campaign of the Sparkasse Allgäu and humedica will be extended: till the end of February 2017 people can bring their old German Mark to the Sparkasse Allgäu branch offices and donate them for children in need.

The principle of the German Mark campaign is quite simple: everyone, who still owns coins and banknotes of this former currency, can put them in the donation boxes placed at the counters of all branch offices of the Sparkasse Allgäu as well as of the Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren. You can also give banknotes of current foreign currencies and thus contribute to assist children in need. All collected donations will be changed into Euro and transferred to humedica.

„According to the Federal Bank about 12,9 billions of German Mark are still circulating in Germany. Together with the regional saving banks we would like to turn this amount of no longer usable coins and banknotes into direct help for indigent children. We welcome everyone, who wants to donate a small amount to support this campaign.“

humedica employee Cecilia Homilius

The donations will go to children projects in Ethiopia, Brazil, the Kosovo and India. They will provide for regular meals, medical care and vital education campaigns. One German Mark already pays a warm meal for an indigent child in Ethiopia.

Donations instead of gifts: company group Dorr supports humedica

This year the company group Dorr from Kempten engages entirely in line with the motto ‚Donations instead of gifts‘ at Christmas time: the enterprise for waste disposal had opted for donations for people in need instead for gifts for its business partners and clients and could now hand over 5.000 Euro to humedica.

For the managing associate Brita Dorr the motivation for this donation is obvious. „We want to engage where help is urgently needed and therefore decided to support the work of humedica.“ explains Mrs. Dorr. The people responsible expressively decided not to dedicate their donation for a special cause to allow humedica to use the money where it is needed most.

Wolfgang Groß, general manager of humedica, is happy about the assistance from the region: „Again and again it is great to get support from companies surrounding our headquarters in Kaufbeuren to implement our worldwide aid projects. In the name of all the people, who benefit from the donation, I would like to thank all persons responsible at the Dorr company group.“

Great success for the ESV Kaufbeuren benefit dinner

A great dinner with good service and all for the good case? Most of us would not say no to such a proposal and so more than 60 guests accepted the invitation to attend the first benefit dinner of the ESV Kaufbeuren at the end of November.

The complete first team of the ice hockey club helped in the kitchen and assisted the service of the country inn Hubertus in Apfeltrang and ensured a perfect evening with culinary delights. The ESVK has now donated to humedica half of the revenue, about 1.750 Euro.

In the humedica headquarters ESVK spokesman Philippe Bader and general manager Michael Kreitl handed over the donation personally to our employee Heinke Rauscher, who thanked the ESVK for this great benefit event in the name of the whole team.

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