humedica headlines August 2016

by LKO, BWO,  2016/08/27

+++ Lake Constance-Airport now also collects deposit bottles for the good cause +++ Niger Committee from Ursberg donates 5.000 Euro +++ humedica employees visit Paul Hartmann AG +++ humedica breaks new ground in logistics +++

Lake Onctance-Airport now also collects deposit bottles for the good cause

In April this year humedica could already install two deposit bottle containers in the Allgäu-Airport to collect the bottle deposit of waiting passengers. Now the Lake Constance-Airport, the most Southern commercial airport of Germany, followed suit.

No less than three deposit bottle containers, placed directly in front of the security control point, now are ready to receive the bottles of the waiting airline passengers in Friedrichshafen. The resulting deposit benefits completely the worldwide aid projects of humedica. To avoid further costs for the fundraising campaign, volunteers empty the deposit bottle containers – just like they do at the Allgäu Airport.

Wolfgang Groß, general manager of humedica, is happy about the success of the second deposit bottle campaign: „In order to assist people in need, we constantly develop new fundraising ideas. Our concept is to make it for everybody as simple as possible to support us: we provide the deposit bottle containers, which are placed at our disposal for free by the MARTIN FINK KG and take care to organise their regular emptying by humedica volunteers.“

The volunteers return the deposit bottles to Marktkauf, a near-by super market in Friedrichshafen, which is pleased to support the campaign.

In the name of all beneficiaries the humedica team thanks all parties, who contribute to the success of this specific campaign.

Niger Committee from Ursberg donates 5.000 Euro

Already since the beginning of the year humedica supports together with the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk from Ursberg and the local aid organisation Hosanna Institute du Sahel 250 handicapped people at the city of Maradi in Niger. The Niger-Committee, which was founded six years ago in the Ringeisen-Werk company, stepped up once more and handed over a 5.000 Euro cheque to pastor Yacouba Seydou, who coordinates the relief measures on site

The amount resulted for a major part from the Ursberg flea market, which took place some weeks ago and donated 100 per cent of the flea market stall fees for the good cause.

The project in Niger provides people with craftsmanship trainings to enable them to care for themselves in the future for instance by selling their self-manufactured products on the markets. Trained employees instruct the participants, who also get a daily meal and, if necessary, the opportunity to learn reading and writing.

„Our project in Niger follows the classical principle of help for self-help“, explains humedica spokesman Steffen Richter. „When the people, who today are supported by our partners, are able to live one day without depending on outside help, we will have reached our joint aim of sustainable support.“

humedica expresses its thanks for the great collaboration with the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk from Ursberg and looks forward to achieving jointly further improvements in the future.

humedica employees visit the Paul Hartmann AG

At the beginning of the month humedica employees visited the production site of the Paul Hartmann AG in Heidenheim (Baden-Würtemberg). The internationally operating enterprise for medicine and care products is one of the most loyal sponsors of humedica and supports its aid projects for people in need with medical consumables and hygiene products.

The humedica team could now gain an impression of how such products are manufactured. In the course of a factory tour they were even able to cast a glance at the immense storage rooms and learn more about transport procedures.

In 1980 Paul Hartmann had started his support for the international relief and supply projects of humedica. Hence thousands of tons of relief goods have gathered over the years and helped countless people in various emergency situations. In particular old and handicapped people, who are not able to provide for themselves due to their distress, have often benefitted from the products of the Paul Hartmann AG in the past.

During the meeting the partners also discussed their future cooperation in the field of humanitarian help. The humedica team would like to thank cordially for the fascinating insights and is happy to continue the successful collaboration in the future.

humedica breaks new ground in logistics

From the 10th to the 12th of August, a delegation of humedica employees including the deputy general manager Bernd Herger visited the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS) at the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster. They took part in a workshop on humanitarian logistics together with well-known experts from the field of information systems development and organisational design.

In the workshop a strategy concept was developed to offer humedica the best possible application of logistics processes in the two fields “humanitarian intervention” and “crisis management”. The workshop based on the premises that, first, logistics plays a cross-sectional role in all organisational areas and, second, a complex supply chain exists connecting the sponsors, the aid organisation and the beneficiaries.

But these were not the first steps in this direction: since four years humedica now is working on a respective concept in cooperation with a team of the Münster university around the ERCIS general manager Adam Widera. humedica would like to thank for the intensive exchange and the new insights in the implementation of logistics within the routine of an aid organisation and is already looking forward to taking the next steps along with the Münster team.

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