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by BWO,  2016/04/29

+++ Drinking coffee for the good cause +++ Generous donation by GEFRO from Memmingen +++ SCALTEL AG improves communication of humedica +++ Nepal Day of Action remembers heavy earthquake +++

Drinking coffee for the good cause

Thanks to the individual initiative of the house technician of the vocational school in the Swabian town Mindelheim, for the teachers drinking coffee is not only a pleasure, but also a small act of human kindness.

The project initiator Wolfgang Ehrenhuber set up a humedica donation can to collect the money, the teachers pay for each cup of coffee they drink. For the first time he could now bring this can filled to the brim to the humedica headquarters, where a total of 220,90 Euro was counted when the can was emptied. For this great result humedica would like to thank Wolfgang Ehrenhuber and the whole staff of the Vocational School Mindelheim.

The next collection can is already in operation in the Vocational School Mindelheim and sets an example of how also small measures of individuals may result in something great.

If you also plan to realise an idea for collecting donations, please feel free to contact or visit us in our headquarters anytime. You are always welcome!

Generous donation by GEFRO from Memmingen

When asked for a humanitarian donation in the course a charity event at a car dealership, the owner of the food producing company GEFRO, Thilo Frommelt, decided to support humedica with a donation of 10.000 Euro. Since he already knew humedica´s work and was a long-term supporter of people in need, he donated in the knowledge that the money will be put to the best possible use for the relief of human suffering.

The big-hearted donation will support the activities of humedica for the refugee camp in Idomeni, Greece, where help is urgently needed at present. Thousands of people, living in unorganised camps, rely on this assistance.

„Since weeks now the humedica teams were able to tend to open wounds and other injuries, which were only treated provisionally till date.” illustrates humedica team member Gerhard Gradl the need for help at the Greek border.

In the coming weeks the sanitarian situation in Idomeni will worsen further due to rising temperatures. They will increase the risk of diarrhoea and local epidemics, which is why support on site is still crucial.

Also in the name of the help recipients we would like to express our thanks to all our generous donators such as GEFRO, who enable us to continue our help.

SCALTEL AG improves humedica´s communication

Especially in cases of emergency fast and secure communication is crucial for the successful work of an aid organisation. But also among headquarter employees the speed of the data transmission is an important factor for their work.

The SCALTEL AG spared no efforts and donated to humedica a radio relay station as well as its installation. Its transmission path covers the distance between the humedica headquarters and a storehouse about 400 metres away.

„Thanks to the radio relay station from SCALTEL AG our employees, who are accommodated in separate office buildings, can now work far more efficiently without any downtimes. This saves much time and effort, for which we are really grateful.“ explains Jürgen Jakoby, head of technics at humedica.

As the company had already been supporting humedica for years, the IT service provider from the placid town Waltenhofen in the Allgäu region planned „from the start to cover 100 per cent of the costs for the radio relay station“, reports SCALTEL AG chairman Joachim Skala.

The whole humedica team thanks the SCALTEL AG for the appreciated improvement of its data transmission.

Nepal Day of Action remembers heavy earthquake

One year has passed now since the heavy earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 has changed the life of hundreds of thousands of people in Nepal overnight.

Countless houses and livelihoods have been destroyed, many people urgently needed help from outside.

Together with the partner organisation Hoffnungszeichenhumedica now remembered the hard times after the disaster with a special Day of Action:

Situated in the impressive environment of the „Rheintorturm“ in Konstanz, the home town of Hoffnungszeichen, the pictures of the well-known photographer Christoph Jorda presented fascinating insights in the situation one year ago in Nepal. Country-specific dishes accompanied the exhibition and offered visitors Asian taste experiences.

„We are glad to remember together with you the victims of the heavy earthquake last year and, at the same time, to provide an outlook on the following years of reconstruction“, said Reimund Reubelt, board member of Hoffnungszeichen, in his welcoming speech.

Hoffnungszeichen and humedica not only engaged in relief measures directly after the disaster in Nepal, but are also in the train of realising jointly the reconstruction of 250 earthquake-proof houses in the strongly affected region Dalchoki.

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