humedica at the „Sunday Encounters“

From the European idea to the worldwide aid of humedica

by LKO,  2016/06/20

Like many volunteers, humedica employees are always glad about the opportunity to organise an information desk at a fair, conference or other event to present interested visitors the work of humedica. This month the renowned „Sunday Encounters“ in the upper Bavarian town Markt Schwaben offered a very special occasion to do so.

At the recent event of this dialogue series in early June two acknowledged experts talked about the frequently discussed topic „Our Europe“. In front of 150 guests ZDF chief editor Peter Frey and Manfred Weber, chairman of the EVP Group in the European Parliament, asked the question „What is our Europe?“ and started an intensive dialogue on the character of the European idea.

A photo exhibition, especially compiled for the „Sunday Encounters“, illustrated the worldwide work of humedica for the visitors, before the discussion two volunteers as well as the humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß were available for further exchange.

Wolfgang Groß, who founded the organisation together with his brother Dieter in 1979, gave the audience an overview of the key aspects of the humedica work and expressed his thanks for the offer to participate in the event. „We are very glad about the opportunity to call attention to our work at the „Sunday Encounters“, explained Wolfgang Groß.

Dr. Hans-Jochen Vogel was the main reason, why the humedica supporters could take part in the 80th transmission of the „Sunday Encounters“, which represented a small anniversary. The former federal minister and candidate for the chancellorship, born at Göttingen in Lower Saxony and now living at Munich in upper Bavaria, is a longstanding supporter of humedica and engages time and again for the work of the humedica team. It was him, who presented the international relief work of the aid agency to Bernhard Winter, the promoter of the „Sunday Encounters“.

When the lively discussion between Peter Frey and Manfred Weber came to an end, Bernhard Winter pointed to the charitable purpose of the event and explained that the whole revenue and all donations would benefit the humedica´s work for people in need.

Our thanks go out to all generous donators and especially to Dr. Vogel and Mr. Winter, who made our participation in this special event possible. Thanks a lot!

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