humedica team starts relief intervention in inaccessible area

Operation site Baraderes completely destroyed – only marginal food and drinking water supply

by LKO, 2016/10/11

The severe hurricane „Matthew“ has destroyed wide parts in the South West of the poverty-stricken country Haiti, according to the UN agency for humanitarian help 1,4 millions of people depend presently on outside assistance. The first to reach the village Baraderes in the disaster area was the humedica intervention team, which could start immediately to treat ill and wounded persons.

The cyclone totally demolished both Baraderes and its hinterland, home for approximately 25.000 people. It also caused a flood, which still covers wide areas. „At the moment the location can not be reached by land. Gratefully we have been able to organise a boat, so we could start immediately to treat the indigent patients.“ explains humedica coordinator Anna Felfeli in Haiti. „Presently we are worried about the potential outbreak of diseases. Not only the lack of clean drinking water, but also the many dead animals lying in the stagnant water increase the danger of epidemics.“

First cases of Cholera are already reported in the South of the country and also the numbers of people newly infected by the dangerous communicable disease rise. „The threat of a new Cholera epidemic is real. We have to do everything we can to prevent a further rise of infections.“ tells us Simon Rinnert, humedica project manager.

Because of the enormous need for assistance humedica has already sent a second intervention team to Haiti. Monday night coordinator Katharina Baasner (Überlingen), practitioner Liesel Ruff (Bonn) and caregiver Matthias Gerloff (Ammerbuch) went from Lyon to Port-au-Prince on a humanitarian flight of the Airbus Foundation to support the first team in the disaster area.

humedica aks the people in Germany to make dedicated donations for this relief intervention.

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