Project Stories:

Successful „help for self-help“

by ATR, BWO,  2016/07/05

In Ethiopia, a country, whose population suffers from great need and structural poverty, many affected families are sustainably supported by the humedica sponsorship program thanks to donations from Germany. In the three project areas within Bishoftu, Jigjiga and Kazanchis these families take part in the „Income Generating Activity”, also referred to as IGA Program. This enables them to take the step into a self-contained future offering the opportunity to earn their living e.g. by small-trading.

In the last year also special trainings were offered to enhance the success of the IGA program participants. By now there are already some families in Bishoftu, who can make a living by their trading and even succeed in saving money. In Jigjiga quite a lot of families were able to buy a small property and to build their own house. Especially small tradings like “cattle breeding” and “water sale” proved to be effective, eight families could thus noticeably improve their standard of living. Five families succeeded in leaving the IGA Program successfully last year. In Kazanchis 29 new families joint the program, so in the whole 64 families now receive support in launching a business.

Quite a wide range of ideas is implemented: Street stalls, the sale of coal, clothes as well as of fruit and vegetables up to small restaurants with traditional food and beverages such as Injera and Tera - everybody strives to find his one niche. An outside observer might recognize the improvement of the families´ living situation by looking at their housing condition, clothes, nutrition, state of health, self confidence and most of all by their chances for a sound education of their children.

Ms. Anakech Arasiras and her niece Kalkidan Ayana had a very good last year despite the fact that they had to move house due to measures recently adopted by the government. In spite of her former concerns Anakech Arasiras finally decided to take part in the income generating activity IGA. She received 5.000 Birr from humedica and founded courageously a small trading. Since then she bakes Injera and produces various non-alcoholic beverages as well as hygiene materials. With entrepreneurial skill she sells these things from home. Thus she was already able to save 800 Birr a month and, moreover, to pay the 1.000 Birr requested monthly by the government for the alternatively provided house.

She can also pay now for shoes urgently needed by her niece and herself. Before the sponsorship program support started, she was not able to do so. A dream came through for her. Again and again Anakech Arasiras blesses her sponsors and humedica. While doing so she has tears in her eyes – never before she was offered a chance for a self-determined life.

Ms. Mehalnesh Engedayhu from Kazanchis in Addis Abeba is another, very impressive example. Since last year she participates in an IGA-project. When our employee Ahmed visited the family for the first time, he described its situation as destitute, and, above all, hopeless. Nowadays the family runs a well-attended kiosk, which sells fruit and vegetables, coffee, tea as well as snacks and other items. It is a big success. So big, that now the family members now have become visionaries. Regularly they put money aside to save for their dream, their own small restaurant offering juices and beverages. Spurred by her own improved living situation the woman now shares her experiences with other families taking part in the IGA-Program in the course of the humedica training activities.

Such positive developments encourage the efforts of both employees and participants and give cause for hope that this program will serve as start-up support for many more to come.

With your support we can achieve a lot on site. In the name of humedica and the families from Ethiopia we extend our sincere thanks for your continued support.

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