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School supplies and food distributed to earthquake victims

by BWO, 2016/06/22

After the heavy earthquake measuring 7,8 on the Richter scale in April this year in Ecuador, humedica reacted immediately and send out a team of five physicians to San Vicente near Portoviejo. Eight weeks later on, the type of support has changed: recently food parcels as well as school supplies were distributed to needy people.

The balance of the earthquake is devastating: More than 600 people died, thousands of injured people had to be treated and the destruction in its entirety is not totally recorded yet.

Our emergency aid may be completed, but the people still need assistance to get back to a steady life. As is usual after heavy tremors, also Ecuador is still haunted by aftershocks. Since April about 1.500 light to medium afterquakes hit the country, luckily most of them did not cause major damage.

Some days ago, we could take another important step in supporting the afflicted people: 5.000 food rations in total were distributed to the people living near Portoviejo. Furthermore humedica and its local partner Templo Metropolitano (Portoviejo) supply boys and girls with school material for a whole year. Thus overall 425 school children get the opportunity to start under normal circumstances a new school year, which in Ecuador begins already in early July. This help, which allows the pupils to start more carefree in the new school year, disburdens the parents, who consequently can concentrate on the reconstruction.

Thanks to the donations such a starter kit consists of pencils, erasers, writing paper, various sheets of handicraft paper, paintbrushes or other material for art classes, scissors as well as hygiene articles such as toilet paper, a towel and soap. The older children also get exercise books. The major part of the pupils comes from the Manabí province.

In collaboration with our local partner Hogar de Christo we are already planning a reconstruction project. Its aim is to build 10.000 houses with the help of volunteers, who will set up accommodations for needy families in remote regions.

In the name of all beneficiaries we would like to thank sincerely for the wide support of the population. All projects named above are solely financed by your donations. Thank you so much!

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