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Heavy rainfalls, floods and landslides in Sri Lanka

by Steffen Richter,  2016/05/21

The heaviest rainfalls since the quarter of a century have stricken Sri Lanka. Their consequences are severe landslides and widespread flooding, which already caused the deaths of hundreds of people according to unofficial estimates. humedica immediately prepared an emergency mission, implemented by its subsidiary organisation humedica Int. Lanka. German medical teams will join in if the situation escalates further.

It can be assumed that this natural disaster is also to be assigned to the worldwide El Niño phenomenon. For days now it rains to an extent, which was rarely seen before. According to the national Disaster Management Authority 200.000 people have already left the capital Colombo, 400.000 are seeking shelter in emergency accommodations nationwide.

"Sri Lanka is used to a lot of rain due to the rainy seasons, it has already seen severe flooding“, explains humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß. „But this extent is extraordinary. We will immediately take emergency measures in cooperation with our subsidiary organisation humedica Int. Lanka, we have already received a respective initial commitment of support by the Foreign Office of Germany. “

With regard to the disaster dimension and the forecasts for the next days humedica considers the short-term intervention of medical teams. A final decision will be made during the weekend.

humedica kindly requests the people in Germany to support this emergency intervention. For constantly updated information please visit our homepage and the known social media channels.

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